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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Dark Horse Graphic Novel of Assassin's Apprentice coming to the UK in January

Well, I think that heading covers it all!


I am very pleased to announce that the graphic novel of Assassin's Apprentice will be available to UK comic readers in January of 2024.


We have been working to make this happen for some months and finally, it's on the calendar!


In the image above, you will see the names of the Dark Horse team who worked very hard to make this graphic novel a faithful re-telling of the written novel.  All of them are important to making this happen, but I'd like to especially acknowledge editor Brett Israel (who is not on that page!) and writer Jody Houser who took my words and boiled them down to a succinct graphic telling.  Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and Anna Steinbauer were essential contibutors to the final product.  I think it's really important to acknowledge all the work that this dedicated team put into the project.





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