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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Delays in Books Arriving are My Fault

You ordered a Hobb book from University Book Store and requested that I sign or dedicate it.  The book came out on March 2, and you still haven't received it!!!!  What is going on?


Me.  That is what is going on, or rather, what's not going on.  


The books are at the store, the store has invited me to come up and sign, but my March has been as unpredictable as only March can be.  I am doing my best to find a clear day to get up there, but the fates are conspiring against me.  We are down one vehicle, as our truck has been in the shop for weeks now for a mystery 'service engine soon' light on the dash.  Irregular work hours for my adult offpsring have meant that Fred and I have been scrambling to provide child care while keeping kids and adults within our 'pod' to minimize covid exposure. 


(Especially since neither Fred nor I have managed to schedule a Covid vaccination yet.  The vaccination sites are rather like playing Whack a Mole without a hammer.  The opportunities are announced, but by the time I click, they are gone!)


I did manage a day with Shawn, so if you ordered via The Signed Page or from Grim Oak Press, it's likely that your books are on the way.  Although we did have a nice stack of boxes of books waiting for me to sign!  I will get that day scheduled also.  


For now, if you ordered a signed Lindholm or Hobb book from University Book Store, and it hasn't arrived, please do not blame the store.  They can't ship signed books until I get up there to sign them! 


And if you don't mind a bit of a wait, you can still order signed books from either location.  I greatly appreciate your patience in these uncertain times.