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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

2022 Conventions and Events

Are we getting back to normal, whatever that was?  Well, no.  There is no going back to the 'old normal' anymore than you can go back to being the person you were in 2019.  We all grow and change and so do our expectations of the world.




Conventions, comic cons and other fun events are returning, and I plan to attend a few.  I hope to get a chance to see fellow writers and readers and artists and editors and   . . well, all the people who make this genre fun.


There isn't a lot of my schedule for 2022.  But here are three places where you might run into me.  As I know detailsl I will post more.


AUGUST 18-21    Emerald City Comic Con returns to the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle Washington.  This LINK takes you to the real site to buy tickets, and yes, there are still tickets available.  BE CAREFUL!  There are two sites that pop up ahead of this one if you just put in Emerald City Comic Con tickets.  And the tickets there cost a lot more than if you go to the official site.  I don't know yet if I'll be doing any panels, but I'm pretty sure that University Book Store will invite me to sign some stuff at their booth.  I'll let you know.


 October 22  Grit City  Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, WA  This is a fun little convention that has kept its emphasis on comics.  So there will be lots of comics there, and people who write comics and illustrate comics, and while that isn't me, I will be wandering around there just to have fun.  It's a great con to bring the family to, and you can't really argue with the ticket prices!  When was the last time you got into a con of any kind for $10?  If you see me, say hello and offer to buy me coffee!  It's a one day con this year, so don't miss it!


November 14-15   Dragonsteel Mini Con    Does the name Brandon Sanderson ring any bells?  Yes, I bet it does.  Well, this is the Dragonsteel Mini Con, and it's unusual as it will happen on a Monday to Tuesday, not a weekend.  I hope to attend this with Grim Oak Press and Shawn Speakman.  So I'll be signing as Megan Lindholm as well as Robin Hobb, for we will have copies of Wizard of the Pigeons there. Downtown Salt Lake City in Utah is the location.  Again, I will put up more and better details as I receive them.


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