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Frequently Asked Questions

Greetings and Welcome.  This is where I'm going to answer some of the most asked questions.  I hope it will save all of us a lot of time and effort!


1.  Believe it or not, I am often asked this:   Where can I buy your books?  Oh my.  Where do you usually buy books?  You should find mine there.  Try bookstores, some made of brick and mortar and on a street in a town or city.  Or try on-line bookstores, of which Amazon is best known, but there are many others.  If those fail you, please don't hesitiate to ask you public library to order in my books for you to borrow!


2.  Will you send me a signed book plate?  No.  Not right now.  About once a year, I announce when that is an option, and at that time I give the address and how to request the bookplate.  I have to limit it as it's a very time consuming activity.  Order the book plates, dedicate the bookplates, find the envelopes, find the stamps, address the envelopes. And if they are going overseas, take them to the post office to make sure the postage is right.  So I don't do them when I'm in the midst of writing a book.


3.  Can I send you a book to sign?  No.  I have a locked gate, a long driveway and two big dogs.  So parcels are often tossed over the gate, or tied to the gate in a plastic bag.  That is not safe for books.  So we can't do that.


4. How can I get a signed book? There are two excellent sources. The first is for a book that is going to be released soon, such as the 25th Anniversary edition of Royal Assassin. If you would like a pristine copy of this, signed by me and shipped to you in absolutely perfect condition, then The Signed Page is for you. Shawn has been operating that service for years now, and you will find there books by many SF and fantasy authors, all signed for you. For instance, right now you can get books signed by Joe Abercrombie or Brent Weeks. But if you explore the site, you will find many others including some by me! These books sell out, so if you want one, you shoulf order it. There is usually a window of time to order these books if you want them signed, so it's best to get after them quickly.

  1. But suppose you want a paperback signed or yes, you want the 25th anniversary edition of Royal Assassin months after it was released.  Then I suggest you visit  the Robin Hobb page at Seattle's University Book Store site. Up will pop an extensive list of my books. Choose the one or ones that you want. As you complete the order form, note that you will see a 'comments' box. In that comments box, note that you would like the book signed. The store will send that book or books down to their Tacoma branch, I will drive to town and sign it, and it will be shipped to you. Pretty easy for all of us!