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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

How to get an Autographed Book

Display of Robin Hobb books at University Book Store, Seattle, Washington

It's time for another reminder of how to do this.


With traffic and other obstacles,  I don't drive up to University Book Store in Seattle as often as I used to.  


But I will be there to sign and dedicate special orders on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.  Please note this is not a 'meet the readers and sign books' occasion.  I drive up, head for the basement where the orders are waiting on a rack for me, and I sign them all.  Then University Book Store ships them out to the people who have ordered them.


Most asked question:  Where do I ask for an autograph on the order form? 


Please make that request in the comments section.  And for my sake, be very specific.  Not "It's my grandma's birthday, can you sign a book for her?"  but "Please sign this 'Happy Birthday to Amanda Jones. You made it to 70!'   That makes it so clear to me, and I don't sign it 'To Grandma.'


I live in a different country.  Will they ship a book to me?


Of course.  But shipping may be expensive, so take a look at it before you commit to buying the book. 


Because I do not get up to Seattle as often as I used to, please plan ahead if you want the book for a special occasion.  For example, if you want a signed book for an event in July, please order it now, as I may not get up to Seattle again until August. 


Thanks to all of you who love signed books!  And just a note that I'm not the only Pacific Northwest writer who leaves signed books there.  Do you love Bridgerton or the Dresden Files?  Check out what the bookstore has to offer in signed books.  


Help keep brick and mortar bookstores in business!




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Phoenix Fan Fusion update

Friday, May 24, 2024 at Phoenix Fan Fusion


10:30   Writing from Experience  North 226BC

    With me, Fonda Lee, Gene Luen Yang and Micaiah Johnson. Drawing from your own experience to tell your tale.


Noon  Signing


4:30  Choose your own Adventure 

    With me, Ryan Dalton, sara Beth Durst, Soman Chainani, Todd Fahnestock and Robert Jackson Bennett.

The writers will struggle to create a viable tale from audience proposals.  This will challenging for me!



Panel I want to attend:  6 PM  Tales from the Prancing Pony.  226BC  Writers talking about what they love most about writing in the genre.  Always interesting topic.


Tomorrow, Saturday, May 25


10:30  Signing  B933S


4:30 PM  North 226BC  Bad to the Bone.  Writing Villains


  With Me, Heather Walter, Melissa Marr and Katherine Arden   Writing the bad guys! (and the wicked ladies!)



Sunday, May 26  


10:30  Bring Your World to Life   North 226BC


   With me, Fonda Lee, Heather Walter, Jason Fry, Gene Luen Yang, and Michael Stackpole

     All the elements needed for a believable world





Noon   Signing   B933S


3:00  How I Became an Author  North 227B


   With me, Peter V Brett, David Mack, Micaiah Johnson, Tracy Wolff

          How the heck did I get here, and why do I want to type all the time?








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Phoenix Fan Fusion update


The slow process of moving myself into new offices continued.  I took the space for a test drive on Thursday and found it a good place to write.  It's just a temporary desk there; the walls still need paint, the floor needs carpeting, the flourescent light fixtures must go.  I am so looking forward to having all my books in one place.


But, before that happens, let's talk about Phoenix Fan Fusion.


May 24th, 2024 is just around the corner, bringing with it Phoenix Fan Fusion in Phoenix, Arizona.  And I will be there!


I recently learned that Peter V Brett (The Hidden Queen) Josh Malerman (Birdbox) and Katherine Arden (The Warm Hands of Ghosts)will also be there.  As will Melissa Marr (Remedial Magic   I recently attended a talk she gave on Romantic Fantasy)  So I'm looking forward to getting together with old friends and meeting some new ones.  And I hope that will include many readers.


If you'd like to encounter me there, here is my schedule:


Friday, May 24

10:30   Writing from Experience   North 226BC

12 Noon    Signing   B 927S

4:30 Choose your own Adventure LIVE  North 226BC


Saturday, May 25

10:30   Signing   B933S

4:30  Bad to the Bone--Villains in Fiction  North 226BC


Sunday May 26

10:30  Bring Your World to Life  North 226BC

Noon   Signing  B933S

3:00  How I Became an Author  North 227B


I will, of course, be wandering Artist Alley and the Merchandise area and other interesting panels.  If you see me, feel free to stop me for a chat. 




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