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An infographic depicting The Realm of the Elderlings United Kingdom bookcovers, grouped by series.

The Farseer Trilogy in Hardback, Uniform Editions

 ***   A note from Robin.  Several people sent notes asking where to buy 'The Complete Works of Robin Hobb.'  You can, of course, in the form of hardbacks or paperbacks, but there is no single volume nor boxed set!  The title here refers to reading the complete arc of the connected stories, in Chronological order!  Thank you and Carry On!  *****


Hello! Kat here, again.


One of the most emailed questions is simply, "What order do I read the books in?  There's so many!"  A purist would say, read them all!  And truthfully, there's a lot to reading them in order of publication.  Robin has many layers to her writing and there are quite a few gems hidden in the stories.  The Ships books change charaters and worlds, but they all do meet again, and it's quite satisfying.


However, if you know you cannot read the full series - that doesn't mean you can't join in!  Here's an interesting article by Molly Templeton, on Tor.com, about the different series and where to start.


Otherwise, please see the sidebar where we have listed the publication order, or feel free to visit any of the Reader run sites where this topic has been covered in depth.  I have also linked to Robin's author's page at GoodReads if you'd like to see additional reviews and reader feedback.

Thank you and happy reading!