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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Go Fund Me to pay Duane Wilkins medical debt

I very seldom do things like this.  But I've known Duane for well for thirty years, and he has been instrumental to my writing career, especially when I first started out.  Duane Wilkins has been our family book seller for 3 generations now.  


A medical disaster has left him in debt.  He's getting hammered by a collections.


Please help if you can.





Subterranean Press Edition of Ship of Magaic

Cover art for Subterranenan Press edition of Ship of Magic.  Art by John Howe.

December 4, 2023!  That is the day when Subterranean Press will be taking pre-orders for a limited edition of Ship of Magic.  The art is by John Howe.


Subterranean Press creates gorgeous editions of books with art by top illustators.  These are high quality editions that will live on your book shelves for a long time and possibly be passed on to grandchildren.  


All three books in the Ships Trilogy will be published by Sub Press in 2024 in these remarkable editions.


The link to order will not be available until December 4th, so don't be frustrated if you go to their site and can't find it yet.  Instead, take some time to peruse all the other lovely editions and maybe treat yourself to a book treasure or two for your shelves.


I really can't express how pleased I am that this is happening.