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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Illustrated Edition of ROYAL ASSASSIN - coming in June 2020

The three covers for the Illustrated Editions of the Farseer Trilogy
The lovely covers for all three volumes of the Illustrated Editions.  Assassin's Apprentice is available now, Royal Assassin can be preordered and Assassin's Quest will soon follow.

 The Illustrated Edition of Royal Assassin is now available for preorder!  This edition will match the Illustrated Edition of Assassin's Apprentice, and as before, all illustrations are by renowned artist Magali Villeneuve.


You can request either of these books  through any brick and mortar book store that you choose, and from many on line services.


Amazon remains the most frequently used online service for book buying.  Without endorsing it, I will still provide its link.


The Signed Page is an excellent choice for this book if you are a bibliophile who is seeking a signed first edition in pristine condition.  Here is the LINK for that location.


The University Book Store in Seattle Washington is your best bet for ANY book written by me, if you would like a signature or a dedication.  This includes paperbacks.  But of course, if you go HERE, you can pre order the Illustrated Royal Assassin, and request that I sign it for you.