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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Ukraine A Network of Friends Worldwide

Many of you are familiar with my daughter Kat.  She used to work alongside me to manage the social media and was frequently with me at cons, signing events and social events.


She has since moved on and I'm proud to say that she is very active in the film community in the Seattle /Tacoma area and beyond that.  Film is a lot like writing, in that film people end up working with people from all other the world.  And that work network expands to include friends of friends, and even reaches back to me.


Yulia and Zita are Kat's film production friends.  They reached out to her, and she reached out to me. I am happy to share a message from them.  I will note that my choices were baby food and canned chicken, as I am concerned about the shortages of clean water for many people in Ukraine.  There are many choices here.  Bandages and tourniquets are included.  Taht made me stop and think.  


Here is our message:




The people of Ukraine need our help urgently.   Our friend Yulia found a way to get it delivered to the Polish/Ukrainian border and now working on logistics of getting it to the cities that need it most right now.  Thank you!!


You can buy from this link and have the items shipped to the following address.


Yulia Clack

1244 Moore Road, Suite B 

Camano Island, WA 98282-8897






Another option for those wanting to donate money is through HELP UKRAINE at Almsgiving Foundation Inc.



Ciao, Zita



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