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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Missed! And Yet to Come!

Sometimes I have too many lives.  Writer, gardener, grandparent, dog servant, cat feeder, housekeeper, maintenance person.  There are books and stories to write, apples to harvest, grapes to make into jam, rain gutters to clean, chickens to feed, and so many other tasks, most daily and some those 'once in a while' ones.


So I missed Voyagercon.  It was an online event, and I'd already chatted with Cari Thomas about her lovely debut book Threadneedle.  That was all recorded, so I was 'virtually' there.  But I did miss the opportunity to be online at the weekend and enjoy all the other offerings.  


You can still enjoy the conversation I had with Cari. Just click on the LINK to view it on YouTube. And if you enjoy urban fantasy and witchy teenagers and mysterious characters, pick up a copy of Threadneedle.  


Still to come will be my chat with Jay Kristoff at a Dymocks Chapter One event.  We'll be discussing his Empire of the Vampire, a book that has already claimed a spot on the best seller lists.  That will happen on 17, 6 PM for me in Western Washington of the US.  But it Australia, it will already be 7PM Saturday the 18th.  Here's the link to the FACEBOOK page where you can register to attend the event.  The illustrations in this book are so lush and lovely that I feel you must also visit the page of the Illustrator:  https://www.hgliterary.com/bonnie-mcallister  Go take a peek. 


I hope you can join us for Empire of the Vampire. And have a good time watching me tilt my head like a very attentive dog in the video of my chat with Cari Thomas.  I had no idea I was doing that!  Oh, the hazards of the Internet Age! 

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