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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Here Comes 2021!

I wish all of us a Happier and healthier 2021!


I have bits of pieces of news to share.  


On January 7, I will be doing an Ask Me Anything over on Reddit Fantasy.  I hope to be mostly talking about the new edition of Wizard of the Pigeons from Grim Oak Press. The illustrations for ths 35th anniversary edition are by noted fantasy artist Tommy Arnold.   That's a Megan Lindholm book, of course, but I still hope that Robin Hobb fans will drop in to chat.  And maybe be willing to try a book by my Alter Ego. But as always, an Ask Me Anything truly means that you can ask me anything.


Coming up very soon, as in March, Del Rey will be publishing the third and final volulme of The Farseer Trilogy, in hardback.  This well designed hardback of Assassin's Quest perfectly matches the two previous volulmes,  with illustrations by Magali Villeneuve.  (If you missed it, scroll down to an interview with her just below this blog!)  It's available for pre-order now, from Amazon or your favorite independent book seller. Now, if you want it as a signed edition, with a personalized inscription, there are two sources.  One is The Signed Page.  If you visit there,you will see that it's not too late to order the previous two volumes of the Del REy editions, and Wizard of the Pigeons as well.  The Signed Page specializes in first editons that are signed and shipped to you in such a way as to arrive in perfect condition.  The other source to get Assassin's Fate or Wizard of the Pigeons as a signed book is University Book Store in Seattle.   When preording Assassin's Fate, mention in the Comments Section that you would like the book signed.  And if you want it personalized, please let me Emphasize:  Carefully type in EXACTLY what you want me to write in the book! It is so much appreciated when I don't have to guess!


Thanks for beiing a reader!


Robin Hobb