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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

AuthorFest at Powells Books, Beaverton Oregon

AuthorFest is coming up!  On November 10, at 4 PM, Powells Books in Beaverton Oregon will be hosting a horde of SF and fantasy writers!  I will be there to sign.  And for purchasers of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Assassin's Apprentice, I will have a special bonus.  I have bookplates signed by Magali Villeneuve, the illsutrator.  (Of course, if you've already purchased the book bring it in for me to sign and to get a bookplate!)  


There will be a host of other authors there, all ready and willing to sign their books for you! Look for your favorites on this list.

 Fonda Lee

Terry Brooks

Brent Weeks

Sebastien de Castell

Shawn Speakman

Caitlin Starling

Jason Gurley

Brenda Cooper
Curtis C Chen

Kevin James Breaux

Spencer Ellsworth

Ken Scholes

Emily Suvada

Devon Monk

C J Cherryh


I will hope to see you there!