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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Subterranean Press Edition of Ship of Magaic

Cover art for Subterranenan Press edition of Ship of Magic.  Art by John Howe.

December 4, 2023!  That is the day when Subterranean Press will be taking pre-orders for a limited edition of Ship of Magic.  The art is by John Howe.


Subterranean Press creates gorgeous editions of books with art by top illustators.  These are high quality editions that will live on your book shelves for a long time and possibly be passed on to grandchildren.  


All three books in the Ships Trilogy will be published by Sub Press in 2024 in these remarkable editions.


The link to order will not be available until December 4th, so don't be frustrated if you go to their site and can't find it yet.  Instead, take some time to peruse all the other lovely editions and maybe treat yourself to a book treasure or two for your shelves.


I really can't express how pleased I am that this is happening.


How to Get a Signed Book: Order before December 6 2023

Every few days, I get a query about how to get a signed book.  So I'm doing this blog about it, with links.  The information is also in other places on the website, but it's good to put it plainly.


The first piece of information:  I can't send you a signed book.  I'm the writer, but I'm not a book store.  I don't stock books, I have no way to accept payment and I don't want to spend time addressing and shipping books.  I'd rather be writing.  


The second piece of information:  There are two great ways to get a signed book.  Best of all, we are not talking about only Robin Hobb books.  Both sites have lots of books autographed by lots of different writers.  Click around and see!


University Book Store in Seattle. 


Every few months,  I make the long drive up to University Book Store in Seattle.  There, I sign any orders that have come in, including special orders with dedications and store stock.  Here is a link to their Robin Hobb Page that shows all the Hobb books they have available.  Note that this is the best place to go if you want an older book. 


Choose the book you want and click SHIP.  (Yes, they can ship internationally, but the postage can be painful.  I wish I could change that.)


Follow the directions. Create an account, etc.  You will find a box labeled 'comments' or 'special directions'.  In that box, type that you'd like the book to be signed.  If you want it personalized, be very specific as to what you want.  "To Clara" or "just sign and date, please."


I will follow those directions. 


Or if you want a signed book with no special dedication, just enter that it's to be an autographed book.  That will likely be the fastest way to get a book. I sign a lot of store stock for them.  They might be able to ship it out just a few hours later.   


So that is one way to get a signed book.


The Signed Page


My friend Shawn Speakman runs this site.  As you might guess, he asks writers to sign their new hardbacks or special editions, and then he ships them out, carefully packaged, to collectors and bibiliophiles.  If you are a collector, this is the site for you, and not just for Hobb books.  Here is the link to Many Autographed Books. Django Wexler, Terry Brooks, Kevin Hearne and me.  And many more.  Click and buy.


This is the site to go to for a newly released book that is signed by the author.  Sometimes there will be older books still in stock, but don't rely on it.  Get them while you can!


If you order (or pre-order) it's possible to have a special dedication in the book.  Sometimes.  Not always.



Please Note: For Robin Hobb books,  Get your orders for University Book Store sent in BEFORE December 6 if you want to receive the book before Christmas.




So there you go. Two great sources for books autographed by me, or by other Pacific Northwest authors.  

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Dark Horse Graphic Novel of Assassin's Apprentice coming to the UK in January

Well, I think that heading covers it all!


I am very pleased to announce that the graphic novel of Assassin's Apprentice will be available to UK comic readers in January of 2024.


We have been working to make this happen for some months and finally, it's on the calendar!


In the image above, you will see the names of the Dark Horse team who worked very hard to make this graphic novel a faithful re-telling of the written novel.  All of them are important to making this happen, but I'd like to especially acknowledge editor Brett Israel (who is not on that page!) and writer Jody Houser who took my words and boiled them down to a succinct graphic telling.  Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and Anna Steinbauer were essential contibutors to the final product.  I think it's really important to acknowledge all the work that this dedicated team put into the project.





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