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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Fantastic Folio Boxed Set of The Farseer Trilogy

My effort at photography can't really do this edition justice.  The Farseer Trilogy Boxed set, illustrated by David Palumbo, from The Folio Society.

If you are a reader who thinks of your books as your 'library' rather than as your stack of books, you are probably already aware of The Folio Society.  For many years, they have been crafting heritage editions of beloved books.  Often they reissue replicas of classic, long out of print, beloved editions.  For example, their forthcoming offering of Grimms' Fairy Tales with the Arthur Rackham illustrations. Or a lavish edition of Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes.  


So I am honored to join the ranks of authors whose work has been recognized with a Folio edition.  In my case, it is The Farseer Trilogy that is now available as a Folio boxed set.  These ones are illustrated by noted artist David Palumbo.  The three books of the trilogy are protected by a sturdy red case that matches the covers of the books.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that they have that wonderful 'new book smell' that we all cherish!


David and I had jointly signed 250 copies of this beautiful set.  Those instantly sold out on the first day they were offered.  But the unsigned edition is still available.  The Farseer Trilogy in this boxed set will last your lifetime and, like other Folio editions in our family library, will be something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.  


I feel honored to see my work in this form.  I hope you will look at some of the other available titles on their website. 


Here is a link to the Arts and Collections review with an image of The Fool as conceived by David Palumbo.



Missives from The Office Kat

It's Kat here, not Robin.  Robin is out of offices, dealing with her husband who she says had hip surgery.  I suspect they are sailing up and down the river and hiding out in tree forts with Ginger and Molly to avoid work but who asked me?  I am still in the offices.  


Oh the To-Dos I have To-Do today. You have no idea.  Megan Lindholm is being so utterly difficult.  I just want to Control-Alt-Delete her sometimes.  Robin has been out of the offices lately and Megan sits and eats salt water taffy and weighs in periodically. She always drinks the coffeepot down to exactly one half a cup of too black coffee and leaves it.  So not only do I get only ONE HALF CUP for my troubles I have to brew a whole new pot and then inevitably, she gets to the fresh pot first and gets the first cup, which everyone knows is like the first bite of an apple. It's the best one.


Speaking of apples, I look foward to summer so I can throw some at her head.


So.  In the world of Robin Hobb, who does not write books or stories about roadkill (ahem, Megan) we are happily preparing for the launch of ROYAL ASSASSIN.  What? Yes.  Of course this book came out a while ago, but this edition is the illustrated edition, with color plates by artist Magali Villenueuve, who, if you'd like to know, has a most excellent office cat and no alternate personalities that drink the rest of the coffee.  



So to celebrate, Penguin Random House (which let's be honest, begs to be called The Random Penguins) is runing a promotion Follow this link and it will take you to a voting page to pick your favourite illustration from the illustrated Assassin's Apprentice.  The winning piece will be made into an exclusive art print. Or if you like, review the images to the right of this post and vote using the widget on this page.  Voting ends on April 3, 2020.


This promotion is just for version of the book printed in the US, by the US publishers.  Every time we do this we hear about how mean we are that we aren't doing it worldwide.  Frankly I always want to invite the people over who think I'm being mean, and while we unload the 25 boxes from the storage unit (with proper lifting techniques) I would be able to show you each box relating to all the different publishers and explain that I am just the town crier and book lifter and if I had any say in it I'd be sending lovely illustrated books ALL OVER THE WORLD in exchange for worldwide chocolate and we'd all video chat each other and talk about how much we love books, and chocolate, but ... as it stands I am not Queen of the World.  Not yet.  Nor am I yet a worldwide publisher but who is to say what my future holds.


So.  I am not mean and I love all the readers and I am sorry it's a US only promotion but I will do as I can.


Oh snap!  Megan is back again.  Talk to you later.


- Kat