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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

University Book Store, Seattle

Image of signed title page of Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb

Well, here is a bit of news that I really enjoyed.  It turns out that 'Robin Hobb' is the thrid most searched term for the University Book Store web site!


But sad to say, then a lot of readers bounce away without having found what they are looking for.  So, the book store and I are trying to make things a bit easier. There now exists a Robin Hobb page on the book store site.


In my FAQ and right here, this is the link that will take you to the Robin Hobb Page for University Book Store in Seattle.


Now, why would you want to use that link?  Well, if you want me to autograph a book for you, that is your first step.  If you follow that link and select the book, then you can request that I sign and even dedicate the book to you when you order it.  Once the book store knows that you want me to sign the book "Happy Birthday Mary", they send a copy of the book down to their Tacoma store. I drive up to Tacoma and sign the book, it travels back to the Seattle store, and from there it is shipped to you.


I visit Tacoma about twice a month, so there may be a bit of a lag in getting the book to you.  But it does get done!



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2022 Conventions and Events

Are we getting back to normal, whatever that was?  Well, no.  There is no going back to the 'old normal' anymore than you can go back to being the person you were in 2019.  We all grow and change and so do our expectations of the world.




Conventions, comic cons and other fun events are returning, and I plan to attend a few.  I hope to get a chance to see fellow writers and readers and artists and editors and   . . well, all the people who make this genre fun.


There isn't a lot of my schedule for 2022.  But here are three places where you might run into me.  As I know detailsl I will post more.


AUGUST 18-21    Emerald City Comic Con returns to the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle Washington.  This LINK takes you to the real site to buy tickets, and yes, there are still tickets available.  BE CAREFUL!  There are two sites that pop up ahead of this one if you just put in Emerald City Comic Con tickets.  And the tickets there cost a lot more than if you go to the official site.  I don't know yet if I'll be doing any panels, but I'm pretty sure that University Book Store will invite me to sign some stuff at their booth.  I'll let you know.


 October 22  Grit City  Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, WA  This is a fun little convention that has kept its emphasis on comics.  So there will be lots of comics there, and people who write comics and illustrate comics, and while that isn't me, I will be wandering around there just to have fun.  It's a great con to bring the family to, and you can't really argue with the ticket prices!  When was the last time you got into a con of any kind for $10?  If you see me, say hello and offer to buy me coffee!  It's a one day con this year, so don't miss it!


November 14-15   Dragonsteel Mini Con    Does the name Brandon Sanderson ring any bells?  Yes, I bet it does.  Well, this is the Dragonsteel Mini Con, and it's unusual as it will happen on a Monday to Tuesday, not a weekend.  I hope to attend this with Grim Oak Press and Shawn Speakman.  So I'll be signing as Megan Lindholm as well as Robin Hobb, for we will have copies of Wizard of the Pigeons there. Downtown Salt Lake City in Utah is the location.  Again, I will put up more and better details as I receive them.


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The Nest

My husband Fred is a Kodokan certified Judo black belt.  Prior to Covid, he operated a small dojo in McKenna called Oak Tree Dojo.  When Covid came along, with great reluctance, we shut it down.  We're not sure he will ever open it up again, but we still own the little building on Highway 507.  


With all the rain downpours we've had this spring, the backyard lawn and the grass in front of the building got away from us.  Hip deep grass and weeds had taken over. And sad to say, if a building looks neglected, for some reason people feel free to add litter to the parking lot.  Leaving it untidy is not kind to our neighbors.  So yesterday we tackled it with a string mower and a lawn mower, rakes, shears and everything else we could haul down there.  There's a very prickly quince bush at the front of the dojo along the fence, and I hadn't pruned it back in two years.  So cutting it back and chopping down the grass around it fell to me.


But as I cut the grass and then pruned back the branches, I realized there was a nest under there.  Under the low swooping quince branches and up against the chain link fence, there was a small secure hollow, invisible to the noisy traffic on the highway, and defended by the prickly quince branches.  My tidying efforts had sprayed grass all over it and dropped quince cuttings on top of it.  It had been recently occupied, and the dry bedding there showed that the quince had protected it from the downpours.  Not where I would have chosen to make my bed, but someone had found shelter there. 


I felt bad to have exposed it.  What had been a secure hiding spot was now in view to anyone passing by.  It would no longer be a safe space to den at night.  I'd destroyed it.  There was no way to repair it.


So I dragged out the sleeping bag and the rain jacket, and shook the grass cuttings off them.  I binned the empty food containers. I placed the sleeping bag and jacket where I hoped the owner would see them and finished with my tidying.  


The little dojo building is all spruced up now, and after we refresh the paint inside, Fred will have to decide what's next for it.  




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