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Robin Hobb's Infrequent and Off Topic Blog

Letters from the Farm

Dear Friends,


While we are enduring the Covid pandemic here in Washington state, my new resolution is to post here once a day.  Obviously, I won't have anything compelling to say that frequently, but I'll offer updates and possibly some little family stories.


Here, as you might expect, Fred and I have self isolated at the farm.  I'm almost ashamed to say how much I'm enjoying this.  I am writing, or rather, Megan Lindholm is.  That part of me is pushing along an urban fantasy set in  Tacoma. 


I am doing things such as planning out where my native trees will go! Every year, I get native species from Pierce County's native plant sale.  They are so inexpensive!  So I have five Nootka roses, five oOrgeon oaks, five Sitka Spruce,and  five mock orange bushes to plant.  I've put my kinickinick in small pots.  I did set out five little sorrell plants, which my free range chickens have already reduced to two.  Rotten little dinosaurs.


Check back with me here if you'd like to see some updates.  I will close with two things my mother used to say in times of stress:


Keep Calm and Carry On.



"When in danger or in doubt,

Run in Circles, scream and shout."


I'm going with the first one.



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Missives from The Office Kat

It's Kat here, not Robin.  Robin is out of offices, dealing with her husband who she says had hip surgery.  I suspect they are sailing up and down the river and hiding out in tree forts with Ginger and Molly to avoid work but who asked me?  I am still in the offices.  


Oh the To-Dos I have To-Do today. You have no idea.  Megan Lindholm is being so utterly difficult.  I just want to Control-Alt-Delete her sometimes.  Robin has been out of the offices lately and Megan sits and eats salt water taffy and weighs in periodically. She always drinks the coffeepot down to exactly one half a cup of too black coffee and leaves it.  So not only do I get only ONE HALF CUP for my troubles I have to brew a whole new pot and then inevitably, she gets to the fresh pot first and gets the first cup, which everyone knows is like the first bite of an apple. It's the best one.


Speaking of apples, I look foward to summer so I can throw some at her head.


So.  In the world of Robin Hobb, who does not write books or stories about roadkill (ahem, Megan) we are happily preparing for the launch of ROYAL ASSASSIN.  What? Yes.  Of course this book came out a while ago, but this edition is the illustrated edition, with color plates by artist Magali Villenueuve, who, if you'd like to know, has a most excellent office cat and no alternate personalities that drink the rest of the coffee.  



So to celebrate, Penguin Random House (which let's be honest, begs to be called The Random Penguins) is runing a promotion Follow this link and it will take you to a voting page to pick your favourite illustration from the illustrated Assassin's Apprentice.  The winning piece will be made into an exclusive art print. Or if you like, review the images to the right of this post and vote using the widget on this page.  Voting ends on April 3, 2020.


This promotion is just for version of the book printed in the US, by the US publishers.  Every time we do this we hear about how mean we are that we aren't doing it worldwide.  Frankly I always want to invite the people over who think I'm being mean, and while we unload the 25 boxes from the storage unit (with proper lifting techniques) I would be able to show you each box relating to all the different publishers and explain that I am just the town crier and book lifter and if I had any say in it I'd be sending lovely illustrated books ALL OVER THE WORLD in exchange for worldwide chocolate and we'd all video chat each other and talk about how much we love books, and chocolate, but ... as it stands I am not Queen of the World.  Not yet.  Nor am I yet a worldwide publisher but who is to say what my future holds.


So.  I am not mean and I love all the readers and I am sorry it's a US only promotion but I will do as I can.


Oh snap!  Megan is back again.  Talk to you later.


- Kat




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Unable to Attend Emerald City Comic Con

I regret to say that I will not be able to attend Emerald City Comic Con in March of 2020 in Seattle.


My husband required a hip surgery that has impacted his ability to get around on the farm for the next couple of weeks.  So rather than leaving him attempting to feed animals and drive a tractor anyway, I will be staying home and taking care of things here.


I will truly miss seeing readers, editorial friends and other writing friends.  But there will be other conventions in months and years to come.


I hope you all have a wonderful time without me.  

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Illustrated Edition of ROYAL ASSASSIN - coming in June 2020

The three covers for the Illustrated Editions of the Farseer Trilogy
The lovely covers for all three volumes of the Illustrated Editions.  Assassin's Apprentice is available now, Royal Assassin can be preordered and Assassin's Quest will soon follow.

 The Illustrated Edition of Royal Assassin is now available for preorder!  This edition will match the Illustrated Edition of Assassin's Apprentice, and as before, all illustrations are by renowned artist Magali Villeneuve.


You can request either of these books  through any brick and mortar book store that you choose, and from many on line services.


Amazon remains the most frequently used online service for book buying.  Without endorsing it, I will still provide its link.


The Signed Page is an excellent choice for this book if you are a bibliophile who is seeking a signed first edition in pristine condition.  Here is the LINK for that location.


The University Book Store in Seattle Washington is your best bet for ANY book written by me, if you would like a signature or a dedication.  This includes paperbacks.  But of course, if you go HERE, you can pre order the Illustrated Royal Assassin, and request that I sign it for you. 



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Pre Order Illustrated Royal Assassin Now!

A red sailing ship on a black backdrop above the title Royal Assassin
Cover image for Royal Assassin, the hard back illustrated edition.  Interior art by Magali Villeneuve.

Greetings, readers!  This is just a quick reminder that you may now preorder the next volume of the hard back illustrated editions of The Farseer Trilogy.  


Assassin's Apprentice, in hardback with illustrations of Magali Villeneuve (an artist very well known for her work on Magic the Gathering cards) has been available for months now.


Joining that lineup is Royal Assassin in a matching volume. Each book has ten color plates by Magali, as well as lovely endpapers  


This set will be completed in months to come with Assassin's Quest.  This is the first time the trilogy has been offered in the US in matching hardbacks.  


Royal Assassin can be pre-ordered anywhere that you purchase books.  At your local brick and mortar bookstosre, at Amazon or any on line book service, and of course through The Signed Page.   The Signed Page offers a wide variety of signed first editions, painstakingly shipped to arrive in pristine condition.


If you would like your copy signed, or with a special dedication, that can be managed through The University Book Store in Seattle, Washington.  For specific directions on how to do that please seen the Questions Answered page for this site.  

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Changes in the websites or, To Write or To Be A Writer

If you have visited here before, you may note some changes we've made.  Some may seem unfriendly, but they are certainly not intended that way! And if you follow me on other social media, you've definitely seen some changes.


Being a writer these days creates a lot of tasks.  Answer email.  Have a lively social media presence.  Promote you own books. Attend conventions, conference and comic cons.  Review the books you are reading or listening to.  Be clever on twitter.  Post almost daily on Facebook.  Have an interesting blog.




It used to be that 'being a writer' just meant that I had to try to write at least one book a year!  If I received a letter from a reader, usually via the publisher's mailing address, it was a remarkable occurrence!  Now an average day brings a dozen emails of various kinds.  


I've been trying to establish a regular writing schedule for myself, after slacking off for a number of months.  One of the things I used to do was open my email first and try to answer it all before moving on to other tasks.  It's nice to be in touch with readers, to hear stories of where they read the books or what parts they enjoyed.  Keeping in touch with readers and reaching back when they write to me is a big part of being a writer.


Unfortunately, these days, by the time I reached the end of the emails, checked Facebook, skimmed through Twitter, and glanced at Insttagram  the key presses in my fingers had been used up, and as a result the stories I've been working on have not moved forward. Nor have I blogged here at all lately!


So, I am trying a new pattern.  Kat and I have disabled the 'contact Robin Hobb' button. If you have 'official' business, you can still reach me via The Lotts Agency for literary stuff, and Rand Holston at Paradigm agency for everything else.


As I mentioned, this may seem unfriendly. It's not intended that way.  It's my way of pushing myself to get back to writing, rather than spending my writing hours 'being a writer.'   So you have seen less of me on social media and you will see even less now.  And while I've already said I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con, I only plan to drive up, stay one day, and then head for home, and the keyboard.


I think the vast majority of my readers would rather have a new book sometime in 2021 than see me dithering on line.


I hope I'm right about that.


I will try to do regular updates here at robinhobbcom   I hope you'll take the time to drop by.


Thank you!







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AuthorFest at Powells Books, Beaverton Oregon

AuthorFest is coming up!  On November 10, at 4 PM, Powells Books in Beaverton Oregon will be hosting a horde of SF and fantasy writers!  I will be there to sign.  And for purchasers of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Assassin's Apprentice, I will have a special bonus.  I have bookplates signed by Magali Villeneuve, the illsutrator.  (Of course, if you've already purchased the book bring it in for me to sign and to get a bookplate!)  


There will be a host of other authors there, all ready and willing to sign their books for you! Look for your favorites on this list.

 Fonda Lee

Terry Brooks

Brent Weeks

Sebastien de Castell

Shawn Speakman

Caitlin Starling

Jason Gurley

Brenda Cooper
Curtis C Chen

Kevin James Breaux

Spencer Ellsworth

Ken Scholes

Emily Suvada

Devon Monk

C J Cherryh


I will hope to see you there!


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Audio Books for Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven

Original US cover art for Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven. Image on left is blue dragon with a girl standing beside it.  Image on right is a ship approaching a city with dragons overhead.
Original US cover art for Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven

Several months ago, I began hearing from readers that they could not order the audio books of Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven, the first two books in the Rain Wilds Chronicles. Audio books for book three, City of Dragons remain available, as does book four, Blood of Dragons.  But I certainly understand that readers don't want to skip the first two books in a set and jump into the middle of a story.


The issue seems to be that there was a lapse in the contract for the audio rights for those two books.  I think most readers understand that the creation of an audio book is outside the realm of my being a writer.  How it works is that an audio book company requests to buy the rights to create the audio book.  The audio book company creates the version using their readers and equipment and distribution system.  It's something that most writers have little control over once the contract is signed. 


The news I have right now is what you may already have seen on Amazon.com   The new versions of the audio books will be available in June of 2020.  That's an eight month wait, and I can do little except apologize. 


What I can recommend in the meantime is that readers check with their local libraries.  My library uses a wonderful app called Libby.  Using my card, and from anywhere with wifi, I can check out ebooks and audio books.  It is my hope that you can check out the older versions of Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven from your local libraries and enjoy them as audio books that way. 


Thanks for your understanding!



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Jet City Comic Show

Once upon a time, Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions and comic book conventions were places where a few hundred folk gathered to talk about the genre they loved.  


They became more popular, and included more slices of the fandom. Costuming, films, television series, illustrators, editors, agents, musicians, actors and of course more and more merchants.  Soon the hundreds of attendees had become thousands, and then hundreds of thousands!  The big conventions were expensive and sold out fast.  You might want to attend with your friends, but you couldn't be sure that all of you would be lucky enough to get tickets.


Gone were the days of leaning on a table and chatting with an illustrator, one on one.  Even  old friends seemed to have less and less time to chat as they had to hurry off to one of the multiple track programming events. Sometimes it's hard to see the displays past the shoulder to shoulder people.


But smaller gatherings still do exist.  Jet City Comic Show, at the Convention Center in Tacoma, Washington is one of them.  It's a two day show, on October 26 adn27th.  It's affordable, not sold out, and one can either bus there or find good parking!    And once you are there, there are both wonderful things to do and see, and still time to meet people and have a real conversation.  You can discuss how a piece of jewelry was made, or compare the styles of favorite illustrators.  It's a place to meet up with old friends and find new ones.  It's family friendly, so even the youngest (or oldest!) fans are welcome.


Who might you meet?  Gil Gerard.  Or Felix Silla. A  Bumblebee Transformer Car. Jim Valentino. Ben Templesmith.  Well, the list is actually too long for here, so try this link: Jet City Guests


I will be there for both Saturday and Sunday.  I'll be presenting a panel on Write Here, Right Now, about why you should, indeed, start your story writing right now.


I hope you'll be able to join us.  Please feel free to bring any of my books that you would like signed.

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Book Disasters

Dear Readers,


Accidents happen, even at the best publishing houses and printing services.  I have been alerted by two readers that their copies of the 25th Anniversary Illustrated edition of Assassin's Apprentice have reached them in less than perfect condition.


In one instance, the pages were coming loose from the binding.

In the second one, some pages and an illustration were completely missing!


I appreciate readers letting me know that some of the copies are flawed.  It's important for me to know that. 


If this, or anything similar happens to you, with any book (not just my own), it's good to let the author and the publishing house know.  Then contact the bookstore or online retailer that sold you the book, and tell them that you need a replacement.  You paid for a perfect copy: you should get one!


Unfortunately, it is beyond my ability to simply send you a new copy. Writers seldom have a large store of their own books that they can simply send out.  It's up to the retailer to replace the bad copy, which they can then send back or notify the distributor to be reimbursed.


Please be tenacious about this.  I want every reader to get the quality of book they paid for!



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