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Events And Appearances

September to December 2019

Assassin's Apprentice 25th Anniversary Edition Events

October 1, 2019   Launch Date for the Illustrated 25th Anniversary Edition of Assassin's Apprentice


University Book Store, 1.800.335.7323 | 4326 University Way, N.E.
Seattle, Washington 98105   

7 PM  Book Launch   Robin Hobb will be present to do a reading and autograph copies of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Assassin's Apprentice.

Out of town readers can pre-order the book from the University Book Store website, and request an autograph in the 'comments' section of the on line order form.


October 3, 2019


The 25th Anniversary Edition of Assassin's Apprentice goes on sale in the UK.  Readers can pre-order the Illustrated Edition from or through Waterstones.


October 4-7, 2019   New York City Comic Con

Thursday Badges are still available.  Robin Hobb will be signing books at the Del Rey booth and speaking on several panels.  Watch for more details soon.


October 26-27  Jet City Comic Show, Tacoma, Washington

Held at the Tacoma Convention Center, this comic convention is still small enough that conversations with guests are pleasant and easy.  Bring books if you wish to have them autographed, as we are not yet certain of a book seller.  


November 10, 2019  Author Fest  Powells Books, Beaverton, Oregon

Join Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks and Brent Weeks at the Cedar Hills store!  Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR

2019 New York City Comic Con! October 4 to 7th.  

The Illustrated Edition of Assassin's Apprentice will be released during New York ComicCon.  Watch this space for an updated schedule of Robin's events at ComicCon as it unfolds!