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Welcome to Robin Hobb's Website

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The View from my kitchen window

A Brief Guide to this Website

Kat and I are both working on improving this website.  We are learning as we go, and often we set it aside for days as other tasks demand our attention. Please be patient with us.


If you wish the latest news, please click above on BLOG.  


If you'd like to know where you can meet me in person, please click on EVENTS.


If you desperately need to reach me, click on the CONTACT button. I try to answer in a timely fashion, but I make no promises.


I need to make a Frequently Asked Question page, but for now, a few quick answers.



How Can I Get a Signed Book?

There are two excellent sources. The first is for a book that is going to be released soon, such as the 25th Anniversary edition of Assassin's Apprentice. If you would like a pristine copy of this, signed by me and shipped to you in absolutely perfect condition, then The Signed Page is for you. Shawn has been operating that service for years now, and you will find there books by many SF and fantasy authors, all signed for you. For instance, right now you can get books signed by Joe Abercrombie or Brent Weeks. But if you explore the site, you will find many others including some by me! These books sell out, so if you want one, you should order it.

But suppose you want a paperback signed or yes, you want the 25th anniversary edition of Assassin's Apprentice. Then I suggest you visit Seattle's University Book Store site. In the search bar, put Robin Hobb. Up will pop an extensive list of my books. Choose the one or ones that you want. As you complete the order form, note that you will see a 'comments' box. In that box, note that you would like the book signed. The store will send that book or books down to their Tacoma branch, I will drive to town and sign it, and it will be shipped to you. Pretty easy for all of us!  This link takes you directly to their Hobb section:

What Are You Working On right now?

Too many projects and not moving forward very fast on any of them. And Megan Lindholm is writing short stories again, so taking up time on the keyboard.


Are you writing a book about Bee, or another book set in that world?


Yes.  No.  Maybe.  I have outlines for two possible projects.  One does feature Bee.  But neither outline has an ending.  Endings are important.  Nor have I signed a contract for either project, because before I promise to write a book, I think I should know how it end.


My friend (spouse/child/parent) has a Birthday (is ill/ depressed/anniversary/is getting married/ is dying)  They like your books. Can you please send them a letter?


No.  I am sorry, but I just can't.  It's not the time involved or the postage.  It's that I am a thorough introvert, and knowing what to say to a stranger who is either happy or very sad is beyond my intelligence.  I get these requests far more often than one might think. And I just have to say no.


Please have your books translated and sold in X language or country!

Or, Please make a TV series/ movie from your books!


I do not have that ability.  Translations of books happen when publishers come to my agent and say, "We would like to translate that Hobb book and sell it in our country." I have to wait and hope that a publisher will do that.

Movies/ TV series are the same.  I cannot just decide to do those things.  I have to wait until a production company is interested in doing that.


I hope these answers are helpful!  


Thank you for visiting the website.  







A coffee mug rests on the ground near grass by some fallen leaves.
A break for coffee and forest time.


Robin Hobb is an American writer of Fantasy novels, including the award-winning Realm of the Elderlings series. She has also written and published extensively under the name Megan Lindholm.


Her best known work is The Farseer Trilogy, now celebrating it's 25th birthday with a lavish illustrated edition, with work by the talented Magali Villeneuve.  Other works include The LIveship Traders Trilogy, The Tawny Many Trilogy, The Rain Wild Chronicles, and The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy. 


Robin resides in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives on a 14 acre pocket farm near Roy,  with her family, which includes two rescued Belgian Malinois, Ginger and Molly, fifteen chickens, a gander and 8 ducks, numberous volunteers mallards and a cat named Little Black Dog.