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Welcome to Robin Hobb's Website

Welcome to Robin's New Website! 

Hello and welcome gentle readers to Robin's updated page on the internet!  This is Office Kat here - so any errors you encounter are the work of yours truly.  We wanted to simplify a design and speaking frankly (do I speak any other way?) in these complicated times when social media often means an exhange of your personal information we wanted to provide a quiet corner of the internet to retreat to for news and information that did not require a login.


This site is under construction!  Please bear with us while things are slowly unpacked and put into place.


We are a small office and as such - if we are traveling or busy with work on the farm you may not hear back immediately from us.  I know that can often feel inconvenient, it's not meant to!  Work has seasons and times and while we can't do as much to change the larger world as we wish we could, Robin says often that the future needs more farmers, more cultivators of land and more storytellers.  I could not agree more.  So.  We try to lead by example.  

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here.


With stripes and tail- 


Robin Hobb is an American writer of Fantasy novels, including the award-winning Realm of the Elderlings series. She has also written and published extensively under the name Megan Lindholm.


Robin resides in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives on a pocket farm with her family, which includes two rescued Belgian Malinois, Ginger and Molly.