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Denver Comic Con! Let’s Have Fun!

Good Morning, Denver Comic Con! Just a few more minutes until the fun starts! Do you want to find me at the convention today? It won’t be hard. 1 PM Room 407 Avadakedavra! Magic in Literature Panel 2:30 PM Room 402 Mistakes were Made panel 4 PM Booth 150, Random House/Del Rey Booth. Autograph Session…

The Intersection between Writer and Smallholding

Smallholding is a word I learned in the UK.  It denotes a little farm, such as mine. It usually means it’s a subsistence farm for a family, with few or no cash crops. I have 14 acres near Roy, Washington. Technically, it’s all ours but mMost of it is actually owned by the Nisqually River…

Returning to Denver after 48 years

  On Thursday, I’ll be flying off to Denver for Denver Comic Con The first time I went to Denver, Colorado was in September of 1969.  I was seventeen years old, and I was off to college. I’d been awarded a four year scholarship to Denver University. The truth is, Denver University had not bee…

Six Duchies Map from German editions

I always take great pleasure is seeing how artists visualize not only the characters, but the world in general. This lovely map is from the German edition from Penhaglion.  It’s created by Andreas Hancock. The cover artist is Isabelle Hirtz.