Assassin’s Fate



Assassins Fate will be simultaneously released in the UK and US in May 2017



Assassin’s Fate


Part of Fitz and the Fool

Category: Epic Fantasy


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Italian Edition of Fool’s Quest: L’assassino. La Vendetta

I am very pleased to announce that Fool’s Quest, entitled in Italian  L’assassino, La Vendetta is now available from Sperling and Kupfer.   And because the two covers look so stunning together, I have to share this one for Fool’s Assassin, with its Italian title L’Assassino. Il ritorno Sperling and Kupfer have planned a Blog…

Looking Ahead DEC 2, 2016 I Ask You Anything on Reddit Fantasy

Thanksgiving is behind us!  Black Friday has been ignored.  I’m already looking forward to December. How many of you have visited https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/ ?   Reddit bills itself as the Front Page of the Internet.  But the Fantasy section of Reddit is my front page, closely followed by the r/robinhobb section. And in December, they are doing…

Blame the Neanderthals

Hold Onto The Light I made a promise and I’m late fulfilling it. Hold on to the Light is a set of posts discussing depression, especially among the arts community. I’d promised I’d give a few thoughts on this . . . several months ago! Before you read this; If you suffer from depression, and…

Cosplay Contest results and Happy Hallowe’en!

Well, the candy bowl is by the door, the lights are set, and as soon as it gets a bit darker, I’ll put the spooky light inside my porch gargoyle’s mouth to welcome Trick or Treaters.  Hallowe’en is one of my favorite holidays!  I love the neighborhood kids in costume, the spookiness of the wind…