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On to the next signing: Olympia’s Barnes&Noble Black Lake Blvd.

The book launch at University Book store on Tuesday was wonderful! My biggest regret was that I completely forgot to take any photos! If anyone has any to share, please send to I’d love to put some up on Facebook and Twitter. How could I forget? Well, I had a lovely crowd of readers….

University Books on Tuesday, August 11

That’s where and when I will launch Fool’s Quest University Book Store in Seattle Washington is located at 4326 University Way, N.E. – Seattle, Washington 98105. I’ll be there at 7 PM, to read from the new book, answer audience questions and sign copies. If you cannot attend, you still have time to call or…

Ask Me Anything . . . Tomorrow on Reddit/books

Tomorrow, at 3 PM, you will see me offer a post on reddit/books, inviting you to Ask Me Anything. Most of you are probably very familiar with Reddit and with the Ask Me Anything format. But for anyone who isn’t, here’s a thumbnail sketch. I will make a post about 3 PM, telling a bit…

TEASER for Fool’s Quest

Visit SUVUDU for a 50 page sampler of Fool’s Quest! Hey, that’s the first 3 chapters, I do believe! Should be enough to let you know if you’d like to read the rest or not!