Novels and Short Stories By Robin Hobb

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Cover for Assassin’s Fate

A picture is worth 10,000 words.

Verite le Dragon : Final Volume of Graphic Novels of Farseer Trilogy

We approach the end of what has been a wonderful project.  Not that I did any of the work! But watching it unfold has been a keen pleasure to me.  Volulme 10 of L’Assassin Royal, Verite le Dragon (And I do wish I could figure out how to put in the correct accent marks!) will…

New Bookplates!

I sometimes receive requests by mail to autograph books.  Unfortunately, most of my packages are left on my doorstep, and the rainy Washington weather is not kind to books.   So rather than have readers send me books to be signed and then make multiple trips to the post office so I can mail them back,…

What’s In a Name?

Shakespeare asked us that, some time ago.  As Juliet mused on her balcony, she pondered, “After all,  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But what if I offer you a rose, but when you open the box, you find a turnip?.  Or a bicycle? Tonight, against my inclinations, I went to…