Novels and Short Stories By Robin Hobb

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That moment in writing the book

I hit it today. Oddly enough, it came after taking a full day off from writing. Or perhaps, not oddly at all. It puts me in mind of an old story about a traveler and his baggage carriers. Wish I could remember the exact tale. But basically, the traveler was in a hurry and pushed…

Friends I'd Never Met

I had a wonderful afternoon/evening with friends I’d never met before. For some years now, I’ve had a newsgroup over at Over the years, I’ve met a number of wonderful people there. Occasionally, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with them face to face at conventions or signings in other cities. The last time…

What Do Writers Do?

I make up worlds in my head. And I write them on paper. Oddly enough, people pay me to read them. I like people who know things I don’t know. I like storytellers, muppet makers, princes, queens, bathtub caulking repairman, chicken experts, taxi cab drivers and in short…anyone with a story.

Near The Bridge

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