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Happy Thanksgiving!

I think that says it all! Robin


Well, where do I begin? There are a thousand things to share, and memories that I know will linger with me for the rest of my life.    I disembarked from the airplane at the Nantes airport where I was delighted to discover that I would be sharing a cab with both John Hemry and Jack Campbell. For…

Once Upon a Time in October

              Actually, it was October 31, 1959. And the story begins at 531 Wisteria Way, Terra Linda, San Rafael, California.   That was a very important Halloween for me, in many ways. I’m still surprised by how clearly I remember it.    I was seven years old that year, and in third grade, having ‘skipped’…

From the desk of Robin Hobb

 Hello!I am writing in for Robin who is hard at work getting her word count in.  I’m attempting to keep her off the internet while she meets her deadline.  Lately she’s been watching these pigeon videos on youtube.  Not that I’m complaining.  Robin is way easier to work with than Megan Lindholm.  Megan is commonly known to use the last…