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Little annoying things

Actually, it was a pretty good day. After I used all my table salt to get the ice off my steps.  And, oh, rats, I just recalled that I forgot to pick up more canned dog food today.  But it was still a pretty good day.  I took my grand-daughters to the mall to Christmas…

Being a writer

There are good exciting days to being a writer. And then there are slogging days. Today I slogged.  I slogged for 1500 words.  Yesterday I got 2200 words.  So 1500 is better than 1000 but not a top notch day. My hands hurt.  And I wanted to be making gingerbread or spritz cookies or going…

Vera Nazarian needs a hand!

You may or may not have heard of Vera Nazarian.  She is the founder of Norilana books, a little publishing house that has given many new writers a hand up.  It would be worth helping Vera if the only thing we wanted to do was keep Norilana books afloat.  However, there is a lot more…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think that says it all! Robin