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Can’t wait for Assassin’s Fate? Win a Galley on Goodreads (Bookplate news, too)

Here’s the LINK  This is the US edition for US readers. Now, of course, you all know that it would be much better and show much more self discipline if you waited for the REAL book to come out.  But if you absolutely must have it now, go to Goodreads and enter the giveaway….

Today is the Fool’s Day! Repost the Riposte!

  Today is April 1. April Fool’s Day, a day for tricks and pranks!  We must celebrate!   So, several hours have passed! Some prizes have been found, others remain in the wilds. So here is a second round of hints. The actual names of the Bookstores will be added in BOLD So, in honor…


Thanks to everyone who has been querying about dates and places. This is what we know as of March 22!  I will update as we get more information. FIrst, in late April and eary May, I will be visiting bookstores in the UK, to read from Assassin’s Fate and to sign books. In mid May, I’ve got…

Packing up the website! Farewell,

You probably won’t notice any difference, really. But for many years, my websites ( and have been hosted on   And sadly, is closing up shop. I want to publicly thank them for late night instant tech help. For walking me through setting up my email, not once but several times until it…