Novels and Short Stories By Robin Hobb

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Vera Nazarian needs a hand!

You may or may not have heard of Vera Nazarian.  She is the founder of Norilana books, a little publishing house that has given many new writers a hand up.  It would be worth helping Vera if the only thing we wanted to do was keep Norilana books afloat.  However, there is a lot more…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think that says it all! Robin


Well, where do I begin? There are a thousand things to share, and memories that I know will linger with me for the rest of my life.    I disembarked from the airplane at the Nantes airport where I was delighted to discover that I would be sharing a cab with both John Hemry and Jack Campbell. For…

Once Upon a Time in October

              Actually, it was October 31, 1959. And the story begins at 531 Wisteria Way, Terra Linda, San Rafael, California.   That was a very important Halloween for me, in many ways. I’m still surprised by how clearly I remember it.    I was seven years old that year, and in third grade, having ‘skipped’…