Assassin’s Fate



Assassins Fate will be simultaneously released in the UK and US in May 2017



Assassin’s Fate


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Win a copy of the Graphic Novel of Farseer!

Unfortunately, this promotion is only for residents of France, Belgium and Switzerland!  The graphic novel from Soleil will be released on September 23. In conjunction with that, I’ve received the following note from Pat of Pat’s Fantasy Blogspot. Best of luck to all who enter! Robin Hi Robin, Hope all is well! Just wanted to…

Blackberries and three point hitches

I went down to vist the old house today, to put it in order before winter comes.  We meant to do so much down there this year, and actually accomplished very little of it. So it remains what it has been since the 1930’s, a very large chicken house that was turned into a people…

Setting new goals

Well, September is upon us, and the deadline for Dragon Keeper is December 1.    Which means that actually the publishers want it by December 31st, so I set my personal deadline a month early.  That allows me that final month to do all my ‘go backs’ and fixes after I let it cool for a…

French Graphic Novel of Farseer from Soleil (Finalized cover)

   So, here it is at last!  The finalized cover for L’Assasin Royal!  Enjoy! In other notes, I really enjoyed the last Write Here, Right Now at A Renaissance Cafe.  Ben was fascinating as always, and the more I talk to Chris, the more I enjoy him.   I’m trying to put together a meetup with…