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The Signed Page

A note from Shawn reminded me that it was time to put a reminder here! If you would like a personalized signed first US edition of Dragon Keeper or just a signed copy, but cannot attend any of the author signings, there is an alternative.  Please visit The Signed Page.  There you will find information…

Fort Lewis Signing Information

I think the address given for the Fort Lewis signing in February can be a bit confusing.  So I’ll just say, see you at the PX! And of course University Book Store and our launch is tomorrow evening.  I hope we get a good turnout! Robin

Book Tour Dates for Dragon Haven

I’ve just updated my events calendar to show some book tour dates in May for Dragon Haven, volume two of  The Rain Wilds Chronicles. The dates are in May of 2010, and I’ll be traveling a bit farther afield, all the way to California and even to the wilds of Minneapolis!  Mark your calendars now….

Leaving Comments here

Hello! There have been several posts about being able to leave comments on the site. I think the comment buttons for the current posts are working now. After 14 days, readers cannot comment on older posts. This is to keep me from going crazy. 🙂 Comments also have to be ‘okayed’ by me before they…