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Audio books

Tantor Media! I’m so excited about this. Finally, finally, finally! I can’t tell you how often people have written to me asking if Farseer and Liveship are available in audio format. Here in the US, truck drivers and families are often in the car for long hours every day. So audio books are really popular….

Off to Seattle!

And dreading the drive, I’m afraid. I-5 between Tacoma and Seattle can decide to be congested at any moment of the day or night. I never know what I’m going to encounter. At least there’s a pleasant prospect at the end of the drive. I’m going to hang out for a bit with Duane at…

12 degrees below Freezing!!!!

That’s 20 degrees this morning for those of us who worship in the Farenheit church. Cold. Cold, cold, cold, because the wind off the water just comes roaring through here. BRR. Cold dogs, frozen cats. Pitiful squirrels sitting miserably on the fence hoping I’ll spill when I fill the bird feeder. I do, of course….

interview at Pat's Fantasy Blogspot I do interviews with Pat at his Fantasy Blog Spot on a fairly regular basis, usually one to each book that comes out. This one has a few questions about Dragon Keeper, but no spoilers. So much to keep up with this time of year! Halls to deck, fruitcakes to douse with rum, lights…