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No Time To Be Grumpy!

Yesterday, I had a bad experience with customer service.  This morning I thought  “I should just blog about that and tell the world how unhappy I am!” And then I thought, “Or not.”  We all have enough reasons to be grumpy.  I don’t have to share that with the world.  Instead I can tell you…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tacoma That is one of my favorite statues in Tacoma! Robin

Interview at SciFiChick and other news

Just yesterday I did a question and answer session with the website SciFiChick.  It’s already up tthere today, and with a bonus. People who leave comments on the interview are entered into a drawing for a limited edition dragon figurine.   It features pocket dragons by REAL MUSGRAVE!!  If you’ve never seen Pocket Dragons, you can scroll…

Had a Great Time at Fort Lewis

This was my first time to sign at the PX.  And it was great!  Meghan met me at the gate to give me my visitor pass, and then took me to the PX and in the back hall. So many posters of people who have signed before there. Hulk Hogan!  Gracie, of  Brazilian juijitsu fame….