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Babel Clash on Monday!!!

Just a quick reminder that come Monday, Sara Creasy (Song of Scarabaeus) and I will be hanging out on Babel Clash. What’s BabelClash? It s a debate/ discussion group that features pairs of SF and/or fantasy authors to discuss topics near and dear to us. Or peculiar. Whichever you like . . . 🙂… is an Italian Robin Hobb fansite.  I just visited for the first time. What a  lovely site!   Before this, I did not know it existed.  I love the concept of using a compass rose to navigate the pages. Thanks so much for letting me know about this.  This will be the perfect place for met…

Parma Fantasy gathering

ParmaFantasy. In Parma, Italy. I hope I will see some of you there! In June of 2010! Just around the corner. I’m very excited about this as I have never visited Italy before.


We think. Despite more snow in the mountains, so that kids here are skiiing on their spring breaks, and several hail storms and wind that tore branches off the trees.  It’s still spring. One of my great pleasures in visiting the Netherlands in years past has been the chance to visit the flower markets and bring home bulbs. …