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How do you write?

That’s what my most recent post is about over at Babel Clash. I’ve been conversing quite a bit there lately, and as a result, I’ve been a bit neglectful here.  Part of my technique for getting my own writing done every day is to put a limit on how much time I can spend on…

conversation with Sara et al.

Sara Creasy and I have been a number of aspects of writing and the writing life over at Babel Clash. Which is why, of course, you haven’t seen many new posts here this week. Please drop by: And you might want to scroll down and look at some of the posts from other writers….

Babel Clash!!!

I just put up my introductory post over at BabelClash.  Feel free to drop by and add some comments! Robin

e mail woes

My spam filter has decided to indulge its megalomaniac tendencies this week. Today I found mail from both my daughters, an old friend and a note I sent myself in my spam filter! If you have recently written to me and received no response, please resend. I don’t check the spam filter every day ….