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Milwaukee, WUWM radio and Boswell Book Company

Time to pack up and get ready to move on again. Had a good night of writing! On to the airport and Milwaukee. Tomorrow I do a public radio interview at 10 AM on WUWM-HD 89.7! Than I’ll be signing at Boswell Book Company at 7 PM. Robin


Isn’t it great to wake up in the morning with something magical to anticipate? Today is Uncle Hugo’s day! Uncle Hugo is a rara avis.  It’s an indepedent book store.  It’s a specialty book store.  It’s an SF/fantasy book store!  And it’s right next door to Uncle Edgar’s, which shares all of those credentials save…

Book Tour Italy 2010

I am so excited to share these dates with you!  As I know more specifics, I will add them here.   Robin Hobb Italian Book Tour   2010   June 12 Parma              Festival Del Fantasy   4-7PM   Tournament of Creative Writing June 13 Parma             Festival Del Fantasy     11-1PM           Book Presentation  June 14 Parma              Festival…

Eagle Harbor Books

This will be my next stop, on Thursday at 7:30 PM.  Eagle Harbor Books is at 157 Winslow Way East on Bainbridge Island.  The drive from here is about an hour but I’m actually looking forward to it, and will probably leave a bit early so I can have light for it.  It goes through…