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Robin Hobb news and updates


  There are certain months that send a little shiver of anticipation up my spine. March, for my birthday. December, for Christmas. And October. Not just for Halloween, though it’s a holiday I love.  October is the season of change here in the Pacific Northwest.  Leaves fall, gradually leaving the skeleton of the oak tree… Continue Reading

Castlefest at Castle Keukenhof in Lisse !

Let’s get right to the news! I will be at Castlefest  for the full festival.  Their Website is When?  From August 2 to 5, 2018  Where?  Lisse, Landgoed Kasteel de Keukenhof, The Netherlands What can you expect?  Well, follow the above link to their website.  But here’s a taste, “music, fantasy writers, themed catering, medieval… Continue Reading

Pyrkon and Imaginales

Kat and I have quite a schedule for the remainder of May! On Tuesday, we will depart Tacoma and head for Poznan, Poland, for Pyrkon! Founded in 2000 by Druga Era Fantasy Club, Pyrkon has grown to be a ‘big tent’ fantasy event with guests, lectures and activities from the full spectrum of Fantasy.  In… Continue Reading

Free Farseer Poster

I know why you are here. You want to pre-order the Farseer coloring book from the Dabel Brothers, and get the free poster. The free poster is different from the one you have seen from Emerald City Comic Con.  But no spoilers here as to what it is! Here is the link!  Off you go!… Continue Reading

Paris Monday March 19th

Wow.  Salon du Livre in Paris was exciting and exhausting.  Lots of books, wonderful displays, and ongoing discussions.  I was at the J’ai Lu booth and signed for four hours!  Kat kept a rough count of people; I signed for over 270 readers!  Today my hand is a bit weary, but it’s a much quieter… Continue Reading

Getting the Little Stuff Done

I often hear from would-be authors, “But I just don’t have time to write.  I think about my book and my story all day, but I don’t get time to sit down at the keyboard.” Somethings that is horribly true.  Today is my day to be de-railed by minor tasks.  I need to take some… Continue Reading