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Book Launch dates for Fool’s Quest

Well, the 11th is coming at me like a freight train, so it’s time to do a few reminders of where you can get a signed book. If you cannot come to a signing, but would still like a personalized and signed first edition hardback, delivered to your door in pristine condition, then your best… Continue Reading

Another Goodreads giveaway! Assassin’s Apprentice

Chances are, if you are visiting here, you already have a copy! But if you’d like one with the new cover, or if you’d like to share this link with a friend, you are more than welcome! Here’s the link And the cut and paste version for those who prefer it! Again, this is… Continue Reading

US Only! Advance Reading Copy of Fool’s Quest Giveaway

Over on Good Reads! A post in haste! This offer ends very soon, as in two days from now, and there are limited copies available! Remember, an ARC has all my mistakes in it for you to enjoy. If typos and repetitions make you crazy, well, um, wait for the real book! And US… Continue Reading

Ask Me Anything on August 6!

So, with the release of Fool’s Quest just around the corner, I’ve been invited to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit Books. For those of you not familiar with an AMA, here is how it works. On August 6, an hour or two before we begin, I’ll make a post on Reddit Books,… Continue Reading

Fool’s Quest: Launching on August 11, 2015

Fool’s Quest in the second book in the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy. It continues the tale begun in Fool’s Assassin. After many years apart, and with no word from the Fool, Fitz has built a new life for himself with Molly at Withywoods. It seems that their peaceful life will be complete when they… Continue Reading

20 Years of Voyager

Twenty years ago, Jane Johnson of HarperCollins Publishers in the UK gathered the SF and fantasy writers under one new roof. Voyager was the aptly named line. And the authors gathered under that banner were an astonishing lot. As Jane puts it, “from Isaac Asimov to David Zindell and including such wonderful writers as Stephen… Continue Reading

Ten Days in France

I probably should have published this days ago, but when I arrived home, I was (for reasons that will become clear!) very tired. Book tours are work for a writer. Very enjoyable work, but work all the same. We seldom get time to stop and smell the roses, nor tour the Louvre. I’ve been to… Continue Reading