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Getting the Little Stuff Done

I often hear from would-be authors, “But I just don’t have time to write.  I think about my book and my story all day, but I don’t get time to sit down at the keyboard.”

Somethings that is horribly true.  Today is my day to be de-railed by minor tasks.  I need to take some packages to the post office. I need to unload my car of the boxes of stuff I brought down from my ‘old’ office to my ‘new’ office, and find places to put all of it.  Worse, I am chained to my house waiting for the third service call on my dishwasher.  This time, whoever comes has to sit down and have a cup of tea until the dishwasher has completed a full cycle without leaking all over the kitchen floor.  Third time’s the charm, right?

I don’t like days like this, when there are things I must do that are outside of my regular set of tasks.  Unfortunately, January and February are full of those things.  I’ve been kicking and screaming my way through tax forms, listening to the ‘hold’ music for Social Security, trying to get ID cards for the new employee health care, while trying to keep up with chickens, dogs, cat and yard.  All to the detriment of my writing hours.

Tonight I will take some time from myself and do some writing.  I’ve been allowing myself to watch television in the evenings.  Not tonight.  Tonight that hour goes to the keyboard.

Over the years, this has been the only thing that works for me.  Ultimately, I know that when I look back, I will not remember the plot or character names of whatever TV series I watched, but I will recall the story and what happened in it, if I write it.  So.  Tonight I am promising myself that I will write the scene where she opens the window and lets it in!

Difficulties with Website Please Beware

Dear Readers, I have been informed that someone has been ‘phishing’ and harvesting reader information. I want to thank Doug for sending me the following information: It appears that the URL                /cs/crypt/ is hosting a phishing page that is harvesting user credentials. Several users here received emails… Continue Reading

Update to Autographed Books

University Book Store is  having some growing pains with their new database/operating system. The Glitch is that the ‘comments’ box is not appearing sometimes when readers are ordering a book.  Hence you cannot request an autograph or say how you’d like the book signed. And the second glitch is that sometimes the site is saying… Continue Reading

The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince/ The Rain Wild Chronicles in Taiwan/ New German edition of Assassin’s Quest

Some days, there is just so much good news to share that it’s hard to know where to start! The UK paperback edition of The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince is available to order.  It’s a skinny book, not a massive tome, but it tells an important part of Six Duchies history.  Within those… Continue Reading

T’is The Season: Autographed Books

Over the last four days, my mail box and Kat’s have been flooded with queries.  At this time of year, we are just as busy as you are. Unfortunately, we cannot send a response to every one of these.  Even if I could magically put another two hours in the day for email, my arthritic… Continue Reading

Nanowrimo Secret Writer Hints!

In November, many diligent souls decide that they are finally going to write that novel that has been clattering around in the back of the brain for years.  And for reasons unknown to tortoise writers like me, they decide to attempt to do it in one month! It takes me a year to write a… Continue Reading

Time is running out!

Just a reminder that if you want to get a hardback copy of The Book of Swords signed by me, you had best pre-order it now. This is an anthology edited by Gardner Dozois, and featuring some top notch writers.  (No, I’m not bragging about myself! )  Just look at some of the names!: ,THE… Continue Reading

An Interview with Shadowdance Magazine

Last month, Kat and I attended Worldcon in Helsinki, Finland.  And we had a wonderful time there.  But prior to that, we had visited first Poland and then Germany, countries I had never visited before. While we were at Worldcon, I did a number of interviews. This one is with Shadowdance, a Bulgarian online magazine… Continue Reading