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Robin Hobb news and updates

Assassin’s Apprentice Read Along

This month, in preparation for the October release of the Illustrated 25th Anniversary edition of Assassin’s Apprentice, with interior art by Magali Villaneuve, Penguin Random House  and I are inviting readers to join together in a read along and discussion of the book.  If you are interested, please join us at the Robin Hobb Reddit   I am happy to answer any non-spoiler questions there.

I’ve had a few people tell me that they don’t want to sign up for Reddit.  Well, if you just want to read what other people are saying, you are free to do that withoul joining Reddit.  It’s all up to you.

Emerald City Comic Con Seattle March 14-17

Emerald City Comic Con begins on Thursday. For those of you lucky enough to have tickets, and desiring to see me, here is my official schedule. Oh, for anyone without tickets, if you are in the Seattle area on Tuesday March 19, I and many of the Unfettered authors will be at University Bookstore at… Continue Reading

Time to Stay Home

Time levels all of us. At 66, soon to be 67, I am fortunate to be in relatively good health.  No prescription drugs needed.  No mobility aids.  Glasses suffice to keep me seeing.  A few years ago, I made the decision to stop driving if it was dark and raining.  I realized that oncoming headlights… Continue Reading

New Finnish Editions from Otava for early 2019!

It is always exciting when the books are translated into another language.  Cover art varies a great deal from country to country.  But in some cases, the covers are so gorgeous that they move right along with the books!  In this case, the Jackie Morris illustrations for the books, with minor modifications, have traveled from… Continue Reading

Crossing Time Zones and Into Winter We Go

Well, I am home again after visiting Lisbon Portugal for FESTIVAL BANG! and Lucca, Italy, for Lucca Comics and Games.  I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and to thank my publishers for their support on those journeys.  Saida de Emergencia of Portugal and Fanucci of Italy assisted me in reaching out to… Continue Reading

Time to fly!

I’m all packed.  Tomorrow I head for Lisbon, Portugal and Festival BANG! It’s on October 27th.  I will be there from 4 to 8.  I’ll be available to sign books from 6 to 9.  All the details are on their website, linked above. After that, I’ll travel on to Lucca Comics and Games.  I’ll be… Continue Reading

The Postcards are Gone!

Many thanks to everyone who responded.  I’ve received some wonderful postcards from all over the world.  I’ll try to get a photo of them and post it here later! Again, I’ve used up all the post cards! And I’m departing for Portugal on the 25th! I hope to encounter many readers there, and in Italy… Continue Reading

The Book of Magic

On October 16, The Book of Magic will be released. Edited by Gardner Dozois. Megan Lindholm has a story in this one.  Every time I managed to place a story in one of Gardner’s anthologies, I hat that hit of triumph.  He was always an editor that I aimed for, and when I hit that… Continue Reading

Dinner with Blood Memories

Now there’s a great title for a post! As I previously mentioned, I”ll be visiting Portugal in late October for Festival BANG! in Lisbon. From there, I will travel on to Lucca, Italy for Lucca Comics and Games.  One of the events I’ll be attending there is a dinner with many of my long time… Continue Reading