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Time is running out!

Just a reminder that if you want to get a hardback copy of The Book of Swords signed by me, you had best pre-order it now.

This is an anthology edited by Gardner Dozois, and featuring some top notch writers.  (No, I’m not bragging about myself! )  Just look at some of the names!:

,THE BEST MAN WINS, by K.J. Parker
THE SWORD OF DESTINY, by Matthew Hughes
THE TRIUMPH OF VIRTUE, by Walter Jon Williams
THE MOCKING TOWER, by Daniel Abraham
HRUNTING, by C.J. Cherryh
A LONG, COLD TRAIL, by Garth Nix
THE KING’S EVIL, by Elizabeth Bear
WATERFALLING, by Lavie Tidhar
THE SWORD TYRASTE, by Cecelia Holland
THE SONS OF THE DRAGON, by George R.R. Martin

I’ve mentioned before that my story, Her Father’s Sword, features an appearance by Fitz.  It was fun to write him as other might have seen him at the time of the Red Ship War.

Many readers enjoy getting the anthologies, and then carrying them to the various conventions, to collect autographs from all the writers.  I’ve seen some womderful examples of those.

There are two ways to preorder the book and have it arrive already signed by me.  If you wish, I can dedicate it as well.

For the bibliophile or collector who wants a signed first edition, first printing of the book in absolutely pristine condition, I recommend  The Signed Page.  It’s also a great place to get a signed Patrick Rothfuss or Peter V Brett book.  Take a look at all Shawn has to offer there.

The other place to pre-order a signed copy is The University Book Store in Seattle.  When you order the book, you will find a ‘comments’ box.  That is where you would leave a note that you’d like the book autographed.  And if you want it personalized, that is where you’d let us know.  You can order any book by me that Duane has in stock, and I will sign and personalize it for you.  A lot of local to Seattle writers do this.  And The University Book Store will ship the book to you, at book rate, for free.  That’s always a nice bonus.

In other news I’m excited that Penhaligon is about to release the new German edition of Royal Assassin, Der Bruder Des Wolfs..  This is a fresh translation, and I love how the covers complement one another!  We are so pleased to see this re-launch of the series in Germany.



An Interview with Shadowdance Magazine

Last month, Kat and I attended Worldcon in Helsinki, Finland.  And we had a wonderful time there.  But prior to that, we had visited first Poland and then Germany, countries I had never visited before. While we were at Worldcon, I did a number of interviews. This one is with Shadowdance, a Bulgarian online magazine… Continue Reading

The Book of Swords: Fitz in the 3rd Person

You have to admit, that’s really pretty!  The publication date is October 10, but you can preorder it now. I have a story in this anthology called Her Father’s Sword.  And in it, for the first time, I wrote about Fitz as others might see him.  I hasten to add that while Fitz plays a… Continue Reading

Meeting Polish readers on August 4

It looks as if I will have a chance to meet with Polish readers.   On Friday, August 4, at 6 PM, I will meet with readers at Empik Junior.  (Oh, I hope that is correctly written!)  Marszalkowska 116/122 in Warsaw, Poland.  I will be happy to sign books, but I will also bring some… Continue Reading

Europe and Worldcon!

Kat and I are barely home from San Diego Comic Con.  It feels as if we just have time to unpack the suitcases, run the laundry, and repack them again before we are off again. On August 2, we will depart from SeaTac in Washington and begin our journey.  We will arrive in Warsaw, Poland on… Continue Reading

San Diego Comic Con July 20 to 23rd

It’s coming up fast! Bronchitis knocked me down for a bit, and I feared I’d have to stay home. But it seems to be clearing up and I’m taking it easy, so I expect to be there and to have, as usual, a wonderful time there.  Office Kat will be traveling with me. Do stop… Continue Reading

The Bouquet

One of my grandchildren is two, nearing three years old.  And she picked me some wildflowers.  Lacking a handy vase, we put them in that all purpose container, a Mason jar. I’ve never had a real knack for flower arranging, nor photography. But my eldest grand daughter is a whiz at both.  Alex stepped in… Continue Reading

Denver Comic Con! Let’s Have Fun!

Good Morning, Denver Comic Con! Just a few more minutes until the fun starts! Do you want to find me at the convention today? It won’t be hard. 1 PM Room 407 Avadakedavra! Magic in Literature Panel 2:30 PM Room 402 Mistakes were Made panel 4 PM Booth 150, Random House/Del Rey Booth. Autograph Session… Continue Reading

Returning to Denver after 48 years

  On Thursday, I’ll be flying off to Denver for Denver Comic Con The first time I went to Denver, Colorado was in September of 1969.  I was seventeen years old, and I was off to college. I’d been awarded a four year scholarship to Denver University. The truth is, Denver University had not bee… Continue Reading