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Good Morning, Tacoma! Ready for a Riddle?

It’s 1 PM and the second set of clues for the second book are now added!  No finders have RSVP’d so I think the first book is still out there!  Good Luck!   It’s been a bit drizzly and gray outside. Perfect weather for curling up by the fire with a book, as all bookish… Continue Reading

Pssst! Tacoma? Are you still awake?

Yeah, me too.  Hey, did you do Monkeyshines this year?  You know, that cool thing where anonymous people hide all sorts of little glass treasures everywhere, and people get up at dawn to search for them. I hope you did. I didn’t.  Overslept.  That’s life.  Write all night, oversleep and miss Monkeyshines. But . .… Continue Reading

Tacoma, are you up for this?

So. It’s raining more, or again, or still.  The wind has knocked out my landline phone.  Life is a bit chill and drab and wet. So.  Let’s think of something fun to do. If you live in or near Tacoma and are a bookish person, drop by here on February 11th.  We may have a… Continue Reading

Deserves a large image!

                                                      This art is by Daniela Di Matteo, for the  cover of the  third volume of Soleil’s graphic novelization of The Liveship Traders trilogy. That is an excellent rendition… Continue Reading

What Did You Miss?

  A very common question from readers is, “In what order should I read the your series?” I always reply that I wrote them in chronological order, not just according to my years, but also according to the history of the Realm of the Elderlings. So, to recap, the order is: The Farseer Trilogy The… Continue Reading

Another Year Begins

Happy New Year! Here we are on what is the first work day of the new year for many of us.  I hope you made a smooth transition back to the harness. As a self-employed person, I work every day of the 365 in a year.  (366 his year of course!)  It’s not that I’m… Continue Reading

Happy First Day of Christmas!

Yes, that is exactly right!  There are twelve days of Christmas and the 25th of December is only the first one.  So I wish all of you a very merry Christmas indeed as we enter into this wonderful season!  I do hope your true love came through for you with a Partridge in a Pear… Continue Reading

Off to Guadalajara tomorrow

So, off we fly!  Office Kat and I will be waiting for the shuttle in the cold and frost at 5 AM!  By 5 PM, we will be in Guadalajara, shedding our layers of warm clothes and ready for our work day to begin! First on our agenda after we land on November 29th?  An… Continue Reading

Hola a todos!

Yes, that is me, tottering into attempts at Spanish!  I expect it will be fully as awful as my attempts at French, but the world will know I have tried to break my monolingual bonds! And why Spanish?  Because at the end of this month, Office Kat and I intend to embark on another adventure… Continue Reading