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Emerald City Comic Convention! March 2-5, 2017


It’s right around the corner!  I just have time to recover from the sniffly con-crud I picked up in Florida before I come to share it . . . I mean, come to enjoy meeting readers in the Pacific Northwest.

Emerald City Comic Convention is far more than a gathering for comic book enthusiasts, though they do provide a core of attendees!  You will find all sorts of popular culture celebrities, from actors and artists to wrestlers and writers, as well as a ride range of merchandise and events.

When last I checked there were still tickets available for Thursday and Friday, but if you wish to attend, you’d best hurry to snap up those passes.

Below is my personal schedule.  For a list of all events and readings and vendors, please visit the Emerald City Comic Con site!  I hope to meet up with you there!

Friday, March 3 

11:00 AM


Location: PRH Booth #1822

Other author: Kristen Britain  (Green Rider, First Rider’s Call) 

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM


Title: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy

Authors: Terry Brooks, Kevin Hearne, Robin Hobb, Todd Lockwood, Django Wexler 

2:45 PM


Location: Autograph area 

7:00 PM: Check-in for authors

7:30 PM: Check-in for ticketed guests

World Builders Party  GAMING!

Location: Rooms 3A and 3B, 3rd floor of the Washington State Convention Center Buffet dinner will be provided

Writers and guests chat and play tabletop games together! 

Saturday, March 4 

11:00 AM


Location: Penguin Random House Booth #1822

Other author: Kevin Hearne 

12:15 PM—1:15 PM


Title: Women in Fantasy

Description: The future is female: Female fantasy authors have been a major force in the fantasy genre for decades—and are creating the next big things. Celebrate the women of fantasy fiction with authors Robin Hobb (The Farseer Trilogy), Callie Bates (The Waking Land), and Kristen Britain (Green Rider) as they discuss their own experiences as female fantasy authors and the process of writing complex characters regardless of gender.

Location:  WSCC 603

Speakers: Robin Hobb, Callie Bates, Kristen Britain, Anne Groell 

1:30 PM


Location: Autograph area 

Sunday, March 5

11:00 AM


Location: University Bookstore booth  A great opportunity to pre-order Assassin’s Fate!


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