New Finnish Editions from Otava for early 2019!

It is always exciting when the books are translated into another language.  Cover art varies a great deal from country to country.  But in some cases, the covers are so gorgeous that they move right along with the books!  In this case, the Jackie Morris illustrations for the books, with minor modifications, have traveled from the UK to Finland. And here they are!  Thank you Otava!!

This is the hardcover jacket for the second volume of the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, Fool’s Quest.  It will be released in March of 2019





And here are the covers for the paperbacks and their release dates:

The Tawny Man: Fool Errand – February 2019
The Tawny Man: The Golden Fool – March 2019
The Tawny Man: Fool’s Fate – April 2019



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