Want a Postcard? * All Postcards are used up now!

Well!  That was fast!

All the post cards are now spoken for. Please do not send me any more postcards!  I am out of the ones I had, and I’m departing for Portugal on the 25th.  Don’t make my mailbox explode while I’m gone!

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the offer.  I seem to be sending out a lot to France and Germany, not to mention Israel and Finland!

Thanks for playing!  I hope we can do this again some time!



Aren’t those covers pretty?  The top one is by Jackie Morris.  The next one is by Alejandro Colucci.  They are so lovely that I had promotional postcards made from them!  (With permission, of course!)  For the tale of what became of those postcards, and how you can get one, scroll down!

Cleaning up the office is such a delightful chore. No. Not really. Especially when I discover that there is a space behind the filing cabinet, and in that space, there is a hoard of postcards featuring the cover art of Assassin’s Fate, both the US and UK versions. Even better: Many of the post cards are already stamped. Some have addresses of readers but were never mailed!!!! EEEEK!

Okay. This is not irreparable.  Let’s put a positive spin on this.

I’m putting a nice Happy October note on the ones that are already addressed and stamped and dumping them in the mail.  I am sure the recipients will be completely baffled to receive these so long after the book’s release, but there it is. Life is a often a mystery.

I’m not going to recycle the other ones. INSTEAD (and pay attention: the rules are very precise!) I am going to mail them out to readers.

RULES: Remember the old saying,” to get a letter, send a letter.” It points out that when you reach out first, people respond.

Rule One: Send me a postcard. Any sort of postcard. Mail it to Robin Hobb, 7006 Harts Lake Road South, Roy, Washington 98580 USA.

Rule Two. I will send you a postcard back, signed by me (woohooo!) but only  IF you put your name and address on the postcard in in capital letters in EXACTLY this format.


Do not scrawl. Take your time. I have lost count of how many book plates were returned to me as undeliverable due to my efforts to decipher badly written requests.  Addresses with no country. Addresses where one line ran into the next, or there was no city!  Well, that’s all water under the bridge, right!  We will all do better this time.

The mailing address should be exact and precise.

***** EDIT ******  EDIT****** EDIT 

And yes, I am very forgetful.  After chiding all of you about putting your name and address on the card, I forgot to give you my address!  Here you go:

Robin Hobb

7006 Harts Lake Road South

Roy, WA 98580


I will keep mailing out the postcards until they are gone.  When they are gone, I will put a note up on the website, here, to let people know there are no more.

Please note.  This is for a post card only. No bookplates.  Only postcards.

The happy ending is that you have an exciting post card with art by either Jackie Morris or Alejandro Colucci, with my stunning autograph on the back. Good for a book mark or emergency mug coaster!

And I will no longer have a stack of post cards in my office!  And they did not go to recycling or a landfill!

Happy October!


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