The Book of Magic

On October 16, The Book of Magic will be released.

Edited by Gardner Dozois.

Megan Lindholm has a story in this one.  Every time I managed to place a story in one of Gardner’s anthologies, I hat that hit of triumph.  He was always an editor that I aimed for, and when I hit that target and he selected a story of mine, well.  It always made me feel like a Real Writer.

The story in this one is an urban fantasy, very different what the tales I write as Robin Hobb.  It takes place in my Tacoma and deals with a character I’ve lived with for some time now. This will be your first opportunity to meet Celtsie.

Of course, I’m not the only writer in this anthology.  Elizabeth Bear, Garth Nix, George RR Martin, Scott Lynch . . . well, just enlarge the cover to read the line up there!  Some top notch writers, stories selected by Gardner.

IF you want me to sign this story, it’s possible to get one via University Book Store.  You should pre-order it now if you want that to happen.  And if there is another book, Hobb or Lindholm, that you’d like to have autographed, you can do that, too.

Here’s how it works:

To receive an autographed book, or a book with a dedication and an autograph, please follow these steps.
Go to the University Book Store website.
Click on Books.
Then click on Search Books and enter the Robin Hobb or Megan Lindholm  title you want.
In the course of buying the book you will be offered a ‘comments’ box. In the box, please note that you would like the book to be signed. If you want a dedication, such as ‘To Joe’ be sure you put the EXACT words you wish me to write.
Complete the process of buying the book. Duane will contact me, and I will drive to the store and sign and dedicate the book for you. There is no charge for having the book signed and dedicated.
If your purchase is over $20, the store will mail it to you, book rate, for free.
You will have to pay the postage if you want it sent by a faster method.

I’ll be going into the store about the 17 or 18 to sign whatever is there.   Do pre-order, so Duane has enough books!



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