Robin Hobb at Legoland Discovery Centre, Birmingham, England

So this is a lovely snapshot of me, signing a book for Daniel Squirrell, in the Legoland Discovery Center in Birmingham, England.  As you can see, I have quite a line of readers waiting for autographs.

I feel that with this, I have reached the epitome of fame! Seriously, I cannot express how much this delights me!

I’m going to steal Daniel’s words to explain all this. He’s a Lego Model Designer.
Dan’s words: It’s Dan from MMM, we have previously spoken about the Lego versions of Fitz, The Fool, Bee and yourself that I have created for the new LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Birmingham, England. As you’re aware the scene is of the book signing you did on the release day of Assassin’s Fate. Customers in the centre will be able to view the scene looking into the windows at the bottom of “The Rotunda” model. If they view it in the right place they will see it from the point of the camera shot that I based it on (see attached). I’m so pleased to be able to do this, as a long-time fan of your work it’s such an honour to create a unique tribute in this way.

The attraction opens this Thursday 5th July. Adult Nights are usually once a month but the specific dates haven’t been announced yet.

Address – LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, King Edwards Road, Birmingham, B1 2AA
Website –
Facebook –


I can’t stop smiling about this!


The Rotunda Here I am with the real Daniel Squirrell Daniel Squirrel, Lego Model designer, hard at work. 


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