Pyrkon and Imaginales

Kat and I have quite a schedule for the remainder of May!

On Tuesday, we will depart Tacoma and head for Poznan, Poland, for Pyrkon!

Founded in 2000 by Druga Era Fantasy Club, Pyrkon has grown to be a ‘big tent’ fantasy event with guests, lectures and activities from the full spectrum of Fantasy.  In 2017, over 44,000 people attended for Cosplay, lectures, competitions, workshops, exhibitions and amazing shows.  This year, I am pleased to be one of those attending.

Pyrkon starts on May 18 and goes to the 20.  My personal schedule is as follows.  but be sure I will be doing my best to enjoy all Pyrkon has to offer when I am not engaged!

Friday [May 18th]
3:00PM Autographs
5:00PM [Panel] Worldbuilding (Auditorium)  Creating a world for your characters and plot to reside in
Saturday [May 19th]
10:30AM [Panel] Get goosebumps (Auditorium)  What scares you?  What frightens me? How to use that in a story.
12:30PM Autographs
3:30PM How to get started and keep going (Literature Room 1)  Let’s get writing!
4:30PM [Panel] But, this already happened (Literature Room 1) Use of archetypes in writing
8:30PM Q&A (Auditorium)  Bring your questions!
Sunday [May 20th]
1:30PM [Panel] H+ (Literature Room 1)  Evolution, then and now.  How are we changing? How might we change?
4:00PM [Panel] Non-science fiction (Earth Hall) Those “Oh, NO!” moments when reading a book!

In between, I expect to be wandering the convention, enjoying all it has to offer. Don’t hesitate to stop me for a bit of a chat.  I love meeting readers.

Once Pyrkon is over, we will be heading for Epinal, France, for Imaginales from May 24 to 27th.  This wonderful festival takes place every year in a scattering of tents and structures on the river bank.  As the whole city of Epinal is involved, my entire visit is always enjoyable wherever I go there.  Come for panels and discussions, costuming, music, and spectacle.  It’s a wonderful welcoming atmosphere that gathers writers and artists from all over the globe.  And it’s free!

Here is where you might find me, if you don’t see Kat and me wandering about.

Wednesday, May 23 

Magic Salon Perdu 18:00 – 19:00 Magic Salon Perdu   Clôture du colloque with Vincent MONADÉ, président du CNL,

Thursday May 24

Magic Idolize 14:00 – 15:00 Magic Idolize  La fantasy historique… Une histoire qui n’a jamais existé ?  

Friday May 25

Magic Deluxe 10:00 – 11:00 Magic Deluxe                    Toutes ces horreurs dans mes romans…

Magic Idolize 17:00 – 18:00 Magic Idolize           Entretien avec… Robin Hobb

Saturday May 26

Magic Salon Perdu 20:30 – 23:00 Magic Salon Perdu   Carte blanche à John Howe

Sunday May 27

Magic Idolize 16:00 – 17:00 Magic Idolize     Écrivain bâtisseur d’univers : le monde des six duchés…


And, as always, in between panels you can find me at the signing tent, happy to autograph books for you!

We expect to have a wonderful time at both festivals and hope you will, too!  See you there!



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