Update to Autographed Books

University Book Store is  having some growing pains with their new database/operating system.

The Glitch is that the ‘comments’ box is not appearing sometimes when readers are ordering a book.  Hence you cannot request an autograph or say how you’d like the book signed. And the second glitch is that sometimes the site is saying the bookstore is ‘out of stock’ on books they definitely have!  They are working on fixing it.

But until they do, there is a work around. I’ll put the extra step in bold, and offer my sincere thanks to readers who are patient with us.

So.  To get an autographed book sent to you:

Go to the University Book Store website. http://www.bookstore.washington.edu/home/home.taf?
Click on Books.
Then click on Search Books and enter the Robin Hobb title you want.
In the course of buying the book you will be offered a ‘comments’ box.  In the box, please note that you would like the book to be signed.  If you want a dedication, such as ‘To Joe’ be sure you put the EXACT words you wish me to write.

If no ‘comments’ box appears, or if you are told the book is out of stock, please complete your order anyway.
Complete the process of buying the book.

Then send a back-up email to:  bookorders@ubookstore.com

In the email be sure to tell them you have ordered the book, and you would like it signed, and tell them exactly how you want it signed.

If the book is truly Out of Stock, their ordering people will quickly tell you so

Then, just as before, 

Duane will contact me, and I will drive to the store and sign and dedicate the book for you.  There is no charge for having the book signed and dedicated.
If your purchase is over $20, the store will mail it to you, book rate, for free. in the US.
You will have to pay the postage if you want it sent by a faster method or if it is being shipped overseas..


And we thank you for your patience!







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