T’is The Season: Autographed Books

Over the last four days, my mail box and Kat’s have been flooded with queries.  At this time of year, we are just as busy as you are. Unfortunately, we cannot send a response to every one of these.  Even if I could magically put another two hours in the day for email, my arthritic hands would protest typing the same replies over and over.   So I’m going to answer them here, and link it on Facebook and Twitter, and hope everyone finds the responses.

The four top queries are::

“How can I get an autographed book for a gift for someone?”

“Will there be more books in the Realm of the Elderlings?”

“Where can I buy your books?”

“Will you send a Christmas Card/ birthday card/ email/ bookplate to me/my girlfriend/ my very ill friend/mother/ etc?”

So, to take them in order.  How to get an autographed book for yourself or as a gift for someone.  Here is the answer, from my FAQ.

To receive an autographed book, or a book with a dedication and an autograph, please follow these steps.
Go to the University Book Store website. http://www.bookstore.washington.edu/home/home.taf?
Click on Books.
Then click on Search Books and enter the Robin Hobb title you want.
In the course of buying the book you will be offered a ‘comments’ box.  In the box, please note that you would like the book to be signed.  If you want a dedication, such as ‘To Joe’ be sure you put the EXACT words you wish me to write.
Complete the process of buying the book. Duane will contact me, and I will drive to the store and sign and dedicate the book for you.  There is no charge for having the book signed and dedicated.
If your purchase is over $20, the store will mail it to you, book rate, for free. in the US.
You will have to pay the postage if you want it sent by a faster method or if it is being shipped overseas..
P.S.  I am not the only author who does this.  Other local to Seattle authors often do this; check their websites!

Unfortunately, I am NOT signing and mailing bookplates at this time.  Requests for them will have to go unanswered. No rudeness is intended.

Will there be more books in the Realm of the Elderlings?

As of right now, November 2017, I don’t have a clear answer for this.  I am working on an outline of a possible book about Bee.  It’s slow going.  I have not submitted that outline to my agent or editors.  That is the present situation.

Where can I get your books?  Or, Can you sell me a book and mail it to me?

Right now, although we do have a lot of books in the storage unit, we have no mechanism to sell them or mail them. So there are no books available from me right now.  The easy answer to the above question is, “Go to your local bookstore. If they don’t have a particular book in stock, often they will order it for you.”  The other obvious solution is to patronize Amazon.  If the book you want is out of print, such as a hardback of Dragon Haven, then you might find it on E-bay or addall.com or one of the other used books services.  (Or Amazon.  There seem to be lots of resellers on there.)


Will you send a letter/card/email/bookplate to me/my grandmother/my sick friend/ someone else?

I am sorry but no.  I can’t. When I did the bookplates before, I sent out over 800 of them.  Minimum cost for each was $1. (printed book plate, envelope, card and postage.)  I was shocked but I’d said I’d do it, and I did.  But the cost of my time to enclose a note with each signed bookplate and the damage to my hands is even higher than the dollar cost. I just can’t do this. And I cannot express how awkward it is to try to say something real to a very sick or dying person that I’ve never met.  So I cannot send out letters or emails or cards. And I can’t reply to every request for these.

I truly wish I could answer every email I get.  But if I did, then the answer to question two would be, “I can’t write another book of any kind because I am too busy answering email!”

I wish all of you the very best of this season, whether you celebrate Christmas as I do, or another holiday, or simply enjoy winter’s crisp weather and quieter times.

As always, I truly thank you for your understanding.

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