The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince/ The Rain Wild Chronicles in Taiwan/ New German edition of Assassin’s Quest

Some days, there is just so much good news to share that it’s hard to know where to start!

The UK paperback edition of The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince is available to order.  It’s a skinny book, not a massive tome, but it tells an important part of Six Duchies history.  Within those pages, the reader will find out how the Wit came to be a despised magic.  And just as intriguing is the reason why some Farseer descendants are born with a predilection for that ‘low and bestial magic!’  This little book would, in my opinion, make a lovely gift.  It’s even the right size to be a ‘stocking stuffer’.  The interior art pieces as well as the cover are done by Jackie Morris.  US readers can order this via

You will find more Jackie Morris art gracing the covers of The Rain Wild Chronicles from Fantasy Foundation in Taiwan.  I have been with Fantasy Foundation for the Taiwanese editions for some time now, and they do an excellent job of book production.. The Taipei Book Fair will held in early February 2018. Fantasy Foundation will publish the first title of the series in January 2018 and the next three titles will be followed to publish in February.




And what else?  Well, December 12 will see the new German edition of Assassin’s Fate.  I’ve shown you this before but I like this cover so much that I can’t resist putting it up again.

Door and Window Backdrops for Photography Photo Studio backdrop!

Soon to come: News about the Georgian editions, and a peek at the new Dutch covers!

All of this is a wonderful way for me to enjoy December and begin to greet the New Year!

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