If you want Assassin’s Fate in Hardback . . .

then time is running out!

Towards the end of December, Del Rey will be phasing out the hardback edition of Assassin’s Fate.  So, if you want to have all three books as hardbacks, now is the time to secure your copy.  Or if you wish to give the hardback as a holiday gift, it is time to order it now!Printed Cheap Vinyl Backdrops Backgrounds for Photography

So often I receive emails from readers who are upset to find that the hardback editions are no longer available. So this time, I decided to announce it!  At Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma yesterday, I spoke with a reader who asked how to get a hardback of Fool’s Quest.  I had to advise her to try the used book sites and stores.

Of late, Kat has been saying that I must stop being a book dragon and surrender part of my hoard.  As I am moving from Tacoma to being full time at the farm in McKenna, I have to do something about the bulging bookcases, the carefully stacked cardboard boxes, and yes, even the stuff in the storage unit. I am grumbling about that, but I suppose she is right.  So in the next month or two, as I must reduce my library and yes, my hoard,  watch here if you hope to acquire a signed hardback of one of the previous books.

But first,  I need to organize myself and set books aside for my archives and references.

In the meanwhile, I see that Amazon still has a few reasonably priced  hardbacks of the first two volumes of the trilogy.




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