Test Video up on Robin Hobb Facebook

Office Kat has been very busy, making sure that we have all in order for Saturday.  Today she went up to University Book Store in Seattle to check out the conference room we’ll be using for our ‘cyber signing’.  She and Duane tested the Wifi, played with the lighting and considered the background.  So I think we are as organized and prepared as we can be.

We are hoping it will go off without a hitch!

I want to let everyone know that even if you did not order a book, we’d love to have you come by our Facebook Live event on June 10 at 11 AM.  I plan to do a brief reading, and then we will start to sign books. Those who have purchased a book will have the opportunity to chat or ask a question while I’m signing their copy.

When all the books are signed, if we still have time, I will open it up for general questions.  Kat will read them out loud to me and I’ll try to answer them.

With a bit of luck, we will have Carol Craig with us, the artist for the map in the book, and she can sign the books as well.


Hope to virtually see you there!



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